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What are the types of industrial scrubbers?
20 March 2021

A scrubber is an air pollution control device that uses liquid to remove particulate matter or gas from industrial waste gas or flue gas. This atomized liquid (usually water) traps particles and pollutant gases to effectively flush them out of the airflow.

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How to calculate industrial waste gas emissions
07 April 2021

1. Actual measurement method-when the exhaust gas emission has an actual measurement value, Q= q*B/b/10000, where: Q——the annual exhaust gas emission, ten thousand standard m3/y; q——the hourly exhaust gas emission , Standard m3/h; B——annual fuel consumption (or clinker output), kg/y; b——fuel consump

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Maintenance guide for wet scrubber
07 April 2021

To ensure safety, meet environmental functions, and regulatory compliance, it is basically whether your factory's wet scrubber can pass regular operation. Maintaining normal operations requires routine protection, including routine preventive maintenance, planned preventative maintenance, and someti

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Xicheng EP Ltd.  is located in Shenzhen, China. It is an air pollution control equipment manufacturer integrating technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, product sales and after-sales service. It mainly produces waste gas treatment scrubbers, PP ducts, ventilation valves, pickling tanks and other environmental protection equipment.

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