Wet scrubber

wet scrubber system
Wet Scrubber System



Industrial waste gas pollution solutions, factory exhaust systems, laboratory ventilation systems.


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Company News -21/03/2023
Industrial chemical storage tanks

Industrial chemical storage tanks are containers designed and constructed for the storage of chemicals and other hazardous materials. These tanks are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. They are critical to safely storing hazardous materi

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Company News -20/03/2023
Why should factories comply with exhaust emission standards?

Factories play a vital role in the production of goods and services essential to modern society. However, their operation often results in the release of harmful emissions, including greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter. These emissions can negatively impact the

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Company News -18/03/2023
How to plan factory exhaust emissions?

Planning factory exhaust emissions requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account several factors. These factors include the type of manufacturing process, the equipment and machinery used, the type of fuel used, and the level of emissions allowed by regulatory bodies.Understand the Manuf

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Company News -14/03/2023
How to make a plastic plating tank?

Plastic plating tanks are essential for electroplating, a process that involves coating a metal surface with a thin layer of another metal or alloy. The plating process provides protection against corrosion, enhances the appearance of the surface, and improves the surface's conductivity. The plastic

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China BYD Project Case
Lithium battery processing produces a large number of dust particles, and the exhaust gas has a pungent odor and is slightly toxic.
Shenzhen University of Technology Case
Shenzhen University of Science and Technology implements ventilation equipment installation projects, including equipment supply.
University of Macau case
We provide the latest PPS flame-retardant material PPS ventilation system accessories for the University of Macau.​​​​​​​
About Us

Our company's main products: exhaust gas scrubber, activated carbon adsorption equipment, ventilation pipe and a series of plastic injection molded parts and processing parts, like ventilation accessories, plastic sheet and tank, etc. The products have the advantages of convenient use, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, good electrical insulation performance, strong rigidity, high flexibility and good welding processing performance.

 These products are widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, rubber and plastics, etc.
Factory waste gas treatment equipment
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