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wet scrubber system
Wet Scrubber System



Industrial waste gas pollution solutions, factory exhaust systems, laboratory ventilation systems.


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Company News -09/10/2021
Effective VOC hazardous waste gas treatment technology

Organic waste gas adsorption treatment, which is a treatment method that physically adsorbs and collects VOC. Activated carbon, zeolite, silica, etc. are used as adsorbents. Due to its size, the pores of the adsorbent are called micropores with a diameter of 2 nm or less, mesopores with a diameter o

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Company News -28/06/2021
Detailed explanation of 4 major industrial waste gas treatment methods

Air pollution is one of the most prominent environmental problems in most countries. The main source of pollutants is industrial waste gas. Due to different production processes, industrial waste gas produces different types of pollutants. Different types of pollutants should use different treatment

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Company News -24/07/2021
Design calculation of wet scrubber

After receiving the quotation for the wet scrubber, the customer often puts forward the quotation is too high, so many customers do not know the scrubber, but habitually give the conclusion that the price is too high, it seems that something is wrong, the technical team will pass the data Provide de

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Company News -18/10/2021
Cyanide, chromium, ammonia, acid, NOX, H2s exhaust gas purification washing

the device descriptionAs a spray absorption equipment has been used in exhaust gas purification. It develops the concept of vulcanized bed into the vapor transfer equipment, which makes the filler in the spray tower in a fluidized state, thus making the mass transfer process can be strengthened. His

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China BYD Project Case
Lithium battery processing produces a large number of dust particles, and the exhaust gas has a pungent odor and is slightly toxic.
Shenzhen University of Technology Case
Shenzhen University of Science and Technology implements ventilation equipment installation projects, including equipment supply.
University of Macau case
We provide the latest PPS flame-retardant material PPS ventilation system accessories for the University of Macau.​​​​​​​
About Us

Our company's main products: exhaust gas scrubber, activated carbon adsorption equipment, ventilation pipe and a series of plastic injection molded parts and processing parts, like ventilation accessories, plastic sheet and tank, etc. The products have the advantages of convenient use, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, good electrical insulation performance, strong rigidity, high flexibility and good welding processing performance.

 These products are widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, rubber and plastics, etc.
Factory waste gas treatment equipment
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