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University of Macau project

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Project nature and name

Engineering property: ventilation engineering, university of macau Project name: ventilation project on the 8th floor of N22, university of Macau

Project site

Project location: Macao

Project background

Commissioned by the project, we provide our latest PPS flame retardant materials for the school ventilation system.We provide PPS ventilation system accessories such as duct, elbow, wind valve and so on. PPS flame retardant material is used to ensure that the school's ventilation system can be safer for fire fighting. PPS material is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, which reduces the cost and increases the service life.

Design basis

(1) environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China;

(2) emission standards for waste gas and pollutants (gb14554-93);

(3) comprehensive emission standards for air pollutants (gb16297-1996);(4) code for power supply and distribution system design gb50052-2009;

(5) noise standards for industrial enterprises (12348-2008);

(6) code for design of building water supply and drainage;

(7) basic materials such as eia report and site layout provided by the construction party.

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