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  • FRP Centrifugal Fan
    Fiber-reinforced plastic glass fiber reinforced plastic fan, the surface of each section is flat and smooth, without defects such as cracks, gaps, burrs, etc., and the overall effect is good.
  • PP anti-corrosion fan
    PP anticorrosive centrifugal blower, bending strength is not less than 196 mpa, the surface of each part is smooth, without defects such as cracks, notches, burrs. The fan has reasonable aerodynamics, large volume, low noise, high efficiency, and corrosion resistance.
  • Polypropylene fan
    The PP (polypropylene) fan is made of anti-corrosion and fireproof materials, and the size of the fan can be customized according to the air volume. The surface is flat and smooth, without cracks, gaps, burrs and other defects, and the overall effect is good.
  • PP Plastic Sheet - Beige
    PP plastic board has the characteristics of chemical resistance. It can be widely used in environmental protection equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, sewage treatment, plastic water tanks and related industrial equipment.
  • PP Plastic Sheet - Gray
    PP sheet, polypropylene extruded sheet is a plastic sheet made of PP resin added with various functional additives through extrusion, calendering, cooling, cutting and other processes. PP board is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point.
  • PP Round Duct - Forming
    PP pipe is a kind of plastic pipe made of copolymerized polypropylene resin and extruded. It has light weight, good chemical stability, heat resistance, insulation, high mechanical strength and non-toxic.
  • PP Round Duct-Customized
    The customized PP air pipe is a product with flange reinforcement design and good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used for exhaust gas treatment and ventilation pipes.
  • Horizontal-ammonia Scrubber
    Horizontal-ammonia scrubber, which occupies a small space, is suitable for indoor spaces or factories with restricted height. Horizontal cross-flow design, low resistance, high purification efficiency.



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