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  • 2021-06-19

    To choose a suitable spray tower type, it is necessary to go through investigation and research, fully understand the operating conditions, and choose a reasonable tower type with better characteristics. -Generally speaking, there are many choices of spray towers that meet the requirements of

  • 2021-06-19

    Product descriptionWet scrubbers are divided into vertical and horizontal scrubbers according to different shapes, subject to local restrictions. Or generally use horizontal wet scrubbers when installing indoors. The horizontal wet scrubber adopts a floor-standing tower body, and the output is trans

  • 2021-06-17

    A new type of environmental protection equipment-acid mist scrubber, played an important role in waste gas treatment. Many people know that the acid mist scrubbers we often talk about are divided into two types, vertical and horizontal. Is there any difference between these two towers? Let's take ev

  • 2021-06-17

    Dear Business Partner,We are writing to formally announce that from April 1st 2021,our company has changed its name from ‘Shenzhen Xicheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. ’to ‘XICHENG EP LTD ’. Despite the change of company name, please note that there has been no change to website, banking deta

  • 2021-06-15

    The working principle of the scrubber for waste gas treatment1. Equipment overviewThe scrubber is a new type of waste gas treatment equipment. It is developed on the basis of the floating packing layer gas purifier, and is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial waste gas purification and dust

  • 2021-06-10

    The most widely used flame-retardant plastic duct in the market is the PP duct (polypropylene duct). Because polypropylene material itself has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non-combustibility, it is widely used in the production and manufacture of fire protection equipment.T

  • 2021-06-10

    Has the manufacturer talked about the problems and solutions encountered in the production of PP pipes? With the development of the pipe fitting industry, more and more new pipes are used by people, and PP pipes are also very popular, which also promotes the development of pipe manufacturers. In fac

  • 2021-06-07

    The so-called waste gas treatment is to have soot waste gas treatment, dust waste gas treatment, organic waste gas treatment, waste gas malodor treatment, acid-base waste gas treatment.What is exhaust gas treatment: exhaust gas treatment is also called exhaust gas purification and exhaust gas filtra

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