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Wet scrubber

  • Horizontal-ammonia Scrubber
    Horizontal-ammonia scrubber, which occupies a small space, is suitable for indoor spaces or factories with restricted height. Horizontal cross-flow design, low resistance, high purification efficiency.
  • Horizontal Wet Scrubber - PP Material
    The horizontal spray tower is suitable for installation in a small space, and is mostly used for indoor installation. It can be used to treat soluble gases, liquid particles, solid particles, and ozone.
  • Scrubber System Design
    XICHENG EP LTD. has 12 years of exhaust gas treatment experience, is equipped with a professional design and R&D team, and more than 30 large-scale production plants. Provide professional exhaust gas equipment design, production and processing, equipment installation comprehensive services.
  • Packed bed scrubber
    Packed bed scrubbers for industrial waste gas treatment use PP polyhedral balls as the main packing. The packed bed can improve the efficiency of waste gas treatment.
  • PP plastic gas scrubber
    PP gas scrubber is an efficient air pollution control equipment, which is widely used in industrial production. The main function is to absorb and separate the chemical components in the exhaust gas through the gas scrubber, with a purification efficiency of 85%. Processed and made of PP material, it has the characteristics of flame retardant, chemical resistance, light weight and simple operation.
  • PP Material Water Scrubber
    The Water Scrubber is again called a washing tower. It can be used to treat industrial flue gas and dust, and absorb particulate dust in exhaust gas through high-pressure spray. Mainly used in food processing plants, metal smelting plants, fertilizer production workshops, etc.
  • High Efficiency Spray Tower-PP Plastic
    High-efficiency spray tower is also called wet scrubber. It can be used for waste gas treatment in pharmaceutical factories and printing factories. The purification efficiency is high, and the application field is wide.
  • PP Plastic Wet Scrubber System
    The polymer plastic wet scrubber system is mainly used to treat chemical waste gas discharged from industrial production. The PP wet scrubber can effectively remove HCL, HF, NH3, H2SO4, CrO3, HCN, NAOH, H2S, HCHO and other water-soluble gases.



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