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Polypropylene Plates

Polypropylene Plates Supplier, also known as polypropylene (PP) sheet (PP pure board, modified PP board, reinforced PP board, PP welding rod), is a semi-crystalline material.
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Polypropylene PP sheet has low density, easy welding and processing, superior chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, environmental protection, and odorless. It is currently one of the most environmentally friendly engineering plastics. The main colors are white, microcomputer color, other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements. Application: Acid and alkali resistant equipment. Polyolefin plastics are one of the main products of petrochemical industry, and their output accounts for a large share in the plastics industry, and they are the most important general-purpose plastics. The main varieties of polyolefins include polyethylene, polypropylene, polybutene, polyisobutylene (mainly used for rubber), poly-4-methyl-1-pentene and several copolymers. Polyolefins are widely available, inexpensive, and have many excellent properties such as electrical properties, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance. They also have the advantages of being easy to process by a variety of molding methods, so they are the most widely used in plastic materials.

Custom PP plastic sheetConventional size of PVC sheet

What are the main specifications of polypropylene pp sheet?

1. Polypropylene pp sheets must be produced in accordance with certain specifications, and only pp sheets that meet the specifications are qualified.

2. In general, the specifications of polypropylene pp sheets are 1220×2440mm and 1500×3000mm. These specifications of pp sheets have good dimensional stability and are not prone to problems during use.



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