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Polypropylene PP Electric Damper

Polypropylene PP electric damper manufacturers: φ63, φ75, φ90, φ110, φ160, φ200, φ250, φ315, φ500 are injection-molded structures, and large PP plastic electric dampers are custom-made for the top exhaust of laboratory fume hoods, Fresh air system, HVAC system.
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  • Xicheng

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Introduction of PP Electric Damper

The PP electric damper produced by Xicheng Ep Ltd is mainly used for PP material ventilation duct system, connected with PP duct, used for exhaust control of corrosive gas, anti-corrosion acid and alkali resistance, PP electric damper has complete specifications, supporting PP duct, elbow, tee, diameter change, constitute a complete PP ventilation duct system. The valve body below ø315 is injection molded structure, and the valve body above ø315 is customized for the coil.

PP electric damper is a non-closed butterfly valve, widely used in universities, chemical, biological, electric power, energy, environmental engineering, etc. in the production process of the medium temperature ≤ 90 °C, nominal pressure less than 0.1Mpa on the pipeline, for communication, opening and closing or adjusting the medium, usually installed in the fume hood, PP suction hood top and a spare type of sprinkler tower pipe entrance, as a switch PP sprinkler tower exhaust air flow direction.

PP electric damper principle

The PP electric damper is installed in the PP pipeline system. Through manual operation or PLC automatic control technology, the purpose of opening and closing the PP electric damper can be achieved according to the needs. The principle is that plastic blades are installed in the air valve. Drive the rotation of the butterfly valve blade to achieve a 90-degree angle, achieve the purpose of opening and closing, and have a feedback indication function. Through the differential pressure detection device, after closing the air valve, the signal is transmitted to the PLC system, so as to control the PP fan inverter to reduce the speed and save energy.

PP electric damper electrical parameters

  • Voltage: AC220V

  • Current: <0.1A

  • Torque: 8N/m

  • Switch stroke: 6 seconds

PP electric damper performance characteristics

  • Processing of polypropylene PP material, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong anti-corrosion performance;

  • Both ends of the PP electric damper are designed with sockets and sockets, and flange connections can also be welded;

  • High-strength actuator, all-copper design, switch life more than 20,000 times;

  • The inner and outer walls are smooth and the wind resistance is small.

PP electric damper specifications and models

model inner diameter -mm total actuator width -mm included outer diameter -mm height -mm
ø160 160 230 170 185
ø250 250 330 260 185
ø315 315 390 325 185
customize customize customize customize customize

PP electric damper industry application

  • Workshop ventilation system

  • Chemical fresh air system

  • Laboratory ventilation system

  • HVAC system



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