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Function of wet scrubber in chemical industry

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Wet scrubber in the chemical industry is a device used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust streams. Wet Scrubbers are crucial for controlling air pollution and protecting the environment. There are various types of scrubbers, but they generally operate by bringing the polluted gas into contact with a liquid or solid material that captures or neutralizes the contaminants.


Here are the primary functions of Wet  scrubbers in the chemical industry:

  1. Gas Absorption: Scrubbers are used to absorb harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO₂), hydrogen chloride (HCl), ammonia (NH₃), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The gas is passed through a liquid solution (often water or a chemical solution), which absorbs the pollutants.

  2. Particulate Removal: Scrubbers can also remove particulate matter from exhaust streams. This is achieved by either wet scrubbing, where water or another liquid traps particles, or dry scrubbing, where a dry material such as lime or activated carbon captures the particles.

  3. Chemical Reaction: In many cases, the scrubber system liquid contains chemicals that react with the pollutants to neutralize them. For example, in flue-gas desulfurization, Wet scrubber may use a lime or limestone slurry to react with sulfur dioxide and form calcium sulfate or calcium sulfite.

  4. Cooling: Scrubbers can help cool the exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere. This is particularly useful for hot gases that might otherwise cause damage to the environment or downstream equipment.

  5. Odor Control: In industries where odorous compounds are released, scrubbers system can help neutralize these odors. This is often done using specific chemicals designed to react with and neutralize odor-causing molecules.

  6. Compliance with Environmental Regulations: Scrubbers help industries comply with environmental regulations by reducing the emissions of harmful pollutants to levels set by regulatory bodies.


Types of Wet  Scrubbers

  1. Wet Scrubbers: These use a liquid to capture and remove pollutants from the gas stream. The liquid can be water or a chemical solution that reacts with the pollutants.

  2. Dry Scrubbers: These use a dry material, such as lime or activated carbon, to remove pollutants. The material can either absorb the pollutants or react with them to form less harmful compounds.

  3. Packed Bed Scrubbers: These have a packed section filled with a high-surface-area material that enhances contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquid, improving the absorption or chemical reaction processes.

  4. Venturi Scrubbers: These utilize a high-velocity gas stream to atomize the scrubbing liquid, creating fine droplets that effectively capture pollutants.

  5. Spray Towers: These introduce the scrubbing liquid through nozzles to create a fine spray that contacts the gas stream, removing pollutants.

By using scrubbers, chemical plants and other industrial facilities can significantly reduce their environmental impact and ensure the health and safety of their workers and nearby communities.

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