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BYD case -- kengzi branch

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BYD case -- kengzi branch

Project nature and name

Engineering property: kengzi byd phase ii

Project name: kengzi branch exhaust gas treatment project

Project site

Project location: shenzhen

Project background

The company's business scope includes domestic and foreign vehicle parts supporting business, lithium battery processing produces a large number of dust particles, non-methane total hydrocarbons and other harmful substances.The exhaust gas has a pungent smell and is slightly toxic. Such exhaust gas not only damages the health of operators, but also causes serious pollution to the surrounding environment. In order to protect the health of production personnel and protect the environment, waste gas must be treated. Commissioned by the company, according to our years of experience in treating similar waste gas, in line with a serious and responsible attitude, we hereby put forward the following design process: "swirl spray tower" + "activated carbon adsorption technology". It is expected that after treatment, the waste gas can be discharged up to standard after treatment, and the operating cost can be reduced.

Design basis
(1) environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China;

(2) emission standards for waste gas and pollutants (gb14554-93);

(3) comprehensive emission standards for air pollutants (gb16297-1996); (4) the maximum allowable emission concentration in the second period of guangdong province's local emission standard "emission limits of air pollutants" (db4427-2001);

(5) guangdong provincial standard db44/814-2010

(6) code for power supply and distribution system design gb50052-2009;

(7) noise standards for industrial enterprises (12348-2008);

(8) code for design of building water supply and drainage;

(9) basic materials such as the eia report and site layout provided by the construction party.

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