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  • Spray tower design standard reference

    To choose a suitable spray tower type, we must go through investigation and research, fully understand the use conditions, and choose a reasonable tower type with better characteristics.Generally speaking, there are many choices of spray tower types that meet the requirements of production tasks at Read More

  • 12 types of air emission treatment equipment

    During the industrial production of products, as long as there is waste gas, environmental protection equipment must be installed. Otherwise, if the EIA fails to meet the standards, it will face fines. Serious and refusal to make corrections may also face the risk of suspension of production and bus Read More

  • Activated carbon adsorption system

    The industrial odor adsorption system mainly adopts activated carbon adsorption and deodorization device, which is a dry waste gas treatment equipment. It is composed of a box body and an adsorption unit. It can be separated from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification, and can effect Read More

  • Experimental Analysis of Functionalized Polypropylene (PP)

    Experimental Analysis of Functionalized Polypropylene (PP)1. Flame retardant propertiesWhen compounded with 2 wt% AMC and 24 wt% IFR, the LOI of the PP composite can reach 31.2% and pass the V-0 test of UL-94. At this time, the best addition mass ratio of IFR to AMC is 12. :1. From the macroscopic m Read More

  • Hazards of Air Emissions and Countermeasures

    Industry is the basic driving force for the development of human society, and it also promotes the development of productive forces. But there are many problems that have to be paid attention to, and environmental problems are one of them. In the process of industrial production, various waste gas, Read More

  • Industrial waste gas treatment system design

    How much do you know about the design of industrial waste gas treatment systems?Nowadays, most industrial manufacturing enterprises install environmental protection equipment, and they are more concerned about whether they can meet the standard after installation. There are three points to meet the Read More

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