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  • Application Environment Of Industrial Chemical Storage Tanks
    Industrial chemical storage tanks are used across a wide range of application environments where chemicals are handled, processed, or stored. The specific application environment dictates the requirements for the design, material selection, safety features, and regulations that govern the use of the Read More
  • Packed bed scrubber packing material
    Packed bed scrubbers are used in air pollution control and industrial gas cleaning applications to remove contaminants from gas streams. The packing material used in these scrubbers plays a critical role in facilitating the contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquid, thereby enhancing the effi Read More
  • Absorption column calculations
    column absorption calculationsAbsorption columns are used in various chemical engineering processes, typically for the removal of one or more components from a gas stream by dissolving them into a liquid solvent. The design and calculations for absorption columns involve several parameters and consi Read More
  • Absorption column design and production
    Designing and producing an absorption column involves several stages, from conceptualization to fabrication and commissioning. Here's a generalized overview of the process:Conceptual Design:Define the purpose of the absorption column (e.g., removing a specific component from a gas stream).Determine Read More
  • Exhaust gas purification system scrubber
    Exhaust gas cleaning systems, often called scrubbers, are devices used to reduce air pollution emitted by exhaust gases produced by industrial processes or vehicle engines, particularly those powered by diesel or heavy fuel oil. Scrubbers are primarily used on ships, power plants, industrial facilit Read More
  • Design of rectangular water tank resting on ground
    Designing a rectangular water tank resting on the ground involves considering several factors such as the tank's capacity, structural integrity, stability, and the soil conditions where it will be placed. Here's a general overview of the design considerations:Tank Capacity and Dimensions: Determine Read More
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