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  • 4 main causes of air pollution

    In the current human society, air pollution is a very serious social problem. If we want to solve the air pollution problem, we must first find the source of the air pollution. Then today we can talk to you about some of the air pollution that may cause air pollution. Source of pollution. industry e Read More

  • Introduction of scrubber + activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification device

    Washing tower + activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas purification deviceIt is suitable for the treatment of waste gas with low concentration and non-single components. The granular dust, smoke and grease can be removed through the water shower tower. The treated waste gas is absorbed by the activ Read More

  • How to install and use PP activated carbon adsorption tower equipment?

    Precautions for installation of PP activated carbon adsorption towerThe installation location of the outdoor unit should be as close as possible to the indoor unit, and the conditions of air circulation, no sunlight or less sunlight should be considered. The outdoor unit should be installed on the o Read More

  • PP activated carbon adsorption tower product introduction

    Overview of pp activated carbon adsorption tower:The working environment of each part of the PP adsorption tower is made of resin with good acid and alkali resistance and high structural strength, and the appearance is made of resin with good waterproof and anti-aging properties. In order to increas Read More

  • How to use waste gas scrubber

    How to use waste gas scrubberCommonly used chemical absorbents in waste gas scrubbers1. Alkaline solutionAlkaline absorbents usually contain 1%~10% sodium hydroxide solution, which has a significant effect on eliminating hydrogen sulfide waste gas. Others such as methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, me Read More

  • Waste gas treatment scrubber

    Introduction to the scrubberThe washing tower is also called the spray tower, which consists of four parts: tower body, trays, reboiler and condenser. The scrubber is a device for rough separation, so the number of trays is generally small, usually not more than ten stages. The scrubber is suitable Read More

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