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Waste gas treatment solutions for the paper industry

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Technical features:

The characteristics of the papermaking process will reflect the odor, adhesion, high temperature, and high humidity in the exhaust gas. It is impossible to completely treat the exhaust gas under this working condition. The light source efficiency of the photooxygen equipment under the working condition above 80℃ It is only 50% of the temperature at 40℃. If the adherent sticks to the wall of the light pipe, the light source cannot be emitted, and the equipment without light source has no purification treatment function. Therefore, this process is equipped with water spray to cool down the photooxygen waste gas treatment device. , And coarse-efficiency filtration as a pre-conditioner, so as to ensure that the dust contained in the exhaust gas introduced by the original supporting fan is effectively intercepted and filtered when it enters the photooxygen exhaust gas treatment device. The waste gas that has passed the preliminary pretreatment is sent to the photooxygen waste gas treatment device and then sent out by a fan.

Introduction to common waste gas treatment processes

1. Water spray:

Taking advantage of the odor and organic waste gas's ability to dissolve in water, the odor and organic waste gas components can be directly contacted with water and dissolved in water to achieve the purpose of removal. Commonly used equipment: wet scrubber. It is suitable for water-soluble, organized emission sources of malodor and organic waste gas. The process is simple, the management is convenient, the equipment operation cost is low, but secondary pollution occurs, and the washing liquid needs to be treated; the purification efficiency is low, and it should be used in conjunction with other technologies, and the organic waste gas treatment effect is poor.

Exhaust gas scrubber system

2. Photo-oxygen catalytic oxidation:

The exhaust gas is irradiated with a special high-energy and high-ozone UV ultraviolet beam to make the molecular chains of organic or inorganic polymer malodorous compounds react with ozone under the irradiation of the high-energy ultraviolet beam to generate low-molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O, etc. Low investment cost, wide application range, high purification efficiency, simple operation, good deodorization effect, stable equipment operation, small area, low operating cost, ready to use, no secondary pollution. Good effect on organic waste gas treatment.

Principle of UV light deodorizing equipment

Therefore, the combination of water spray and photo-oxygen catalytic waste gas treatment technology has special effects on the organic waste gas, malodorous gas and dust emitted by the paper mill.

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