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Scrubber System Design

XICHENG EP LTD. has 12 years of exhaust gas treatment experience, is equipped with a professional design and R&D team, and more than 30 large-scale production plants. Provide professional exhaust gas equipment design, production and processing, equipment installation comprehensive services.
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Wet scrubber is a new type of industrial waste gas treatment equipment, which is widely used in industrial waste gas dust removal, acid and alkali waste gas, coating industry, printing industry, pharmaceutical industry and other fields, the most commonly used and most practical processing equipment. It can effectively treat various industrial organic waste gas and inorganic waste gas such as HCL, HF, NH3, H2SO4, CrO3, HCN, NAOH, H2S, HCHO, etc.

Wet scrubber design

According to different production industries and purification air volume, professional air waste treatment plans are formulated. Tracking service throughout the production and installation of equipment.

Technical Parameter Table :

Air volume
Drain outlet
Water tank
Inlet and 
outlet size
3000800   8   DN32600*700*H700     3150.75500
50001000   8   DN40600*800*H700     400 1.5 500
80001200   8   DN40600*1000*H700     500 2.2500
100001500  10   DN40700*1000*H700      550 2.2500
120001600  10   DN50700*1000*H700     6003.75500
150001800  10   DN50700*1200*H700     6503.75500
200002000  10   DN50700*1200*H700     750 5.5500
250002200  10   DN50700*1200*H700     950 5.5600
300002500  12   DN65700*1200*H700    1000 5.5600
350002700  12   DN651000*700*H700    11007.5600
400002900  12   DN651000*700*H700    12007.5600
450003000  12   DN651000*700*H700    1250 7.5600

1.This form is a common size and we can customize different sizes and requirements according to your needs.
2.The material is polypropylene.
3.Equipment design wind speed 1.8m/s

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