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Understanding of exhaust gas scrubber

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A wet scrubber is a new type of gas purification treatment equipment, as the name suggests, it is used to treat harmful components in the exhaust gas and clean the exhaust gas.

1. Classification of scrubbers

-Organic scrubber: remove organic matter in the process

-Acid and alkali waste gas scrubber: remove acid and alkali gases in the process

-Hot exhaust: remove water vapor, hot air, etc. in the process

2. Design principle of scrubber

Mainly take the acid-base waste gas scrubber as an example. The hydrophilic acid waste gas produced by the process such as HCL, H2SO4 and HNO3 or alkaline gas NH3 (non-methane total hydrocarbons) is selected as the treatment equipment of the packed wet scrubber. The main removal mechanism is to spray the circulating water evenly on the surface of the filler using a nozzle to make a water film adhere to the filler. When the exhaust gas passes through the gap of the filler, the acidic substances (organic matter ) are absorbed by the water film and removed.

3. Basic structure of wet scrubber


4. Each unit of the scrubber and its function


PP plastic nozzle

Effectively spray and disperse the scrubbing liquid evenly in the scrubbing tower, so that the exhaust gas can more easily come into contact with the scrubbing liquid and effectively remove pollutants.


Wet scrubber packing

The main function is to increase the contact area between the liquid and the airflow, thereby increasing the surface area for reaction and absorption, so PE material with a large specific surface area and strong corrosion resistance is selected as the filler. In order to reduce the energy loss of the fan in the system, it is also required to have the characteristics of low-pressure loss and low hydraulic resistance.

-Defogging device

In order to avoid when the exhaust gas flow rate is high, the exhaust gas will carry mist or wash water droplets, causing the discharge port to contain a large amount of water vapor to form water mist.

-Filling support

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber

The fence-shaped structure prevents the filling from falling into the sink. Generally, materials with good mildness and strong corrosion-resistance are selected.


Fan introduction

The main function is to drive the airflow so that the airflow can flow effectively. Generally, a fan with sufficient horsepower and large exhaust volume is used as a supporting tool.

-Level system

When the liquid level in the water tank is lower than the low level, immediately cut off the power supply of the circulating pump to prevent the circulating pump from emptying. The circulation pump will be restarted only when the make-up water reaches a high level .

-PH control system

Mainly used to detect and effectively control the PH value of circulating water.

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