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PP Hollow Polyhedral Ball Packing

PP rosette ring,a kind of tower filling ,also known as PP multi-faceted hollow ball which is PP raw material injection molding, we independent research and development mold, efficient and practical.
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PP rosette, a kind of tower packing, also known as PP multi-faceted hollow sphere, is injection molded from PP raw materials. We independently research and develop molds, which are efficient and practical. PP filler is the filler that fills through the scrubber, and is generally placed in the demisting layer or scrubbing layer of the tower purifier. It is mainly used for filtering. In addition to the function of water mist, our company produces PP multi-faceted hollow spheres, which are spherical in shape and are divided into 12 blades.

Washing tower packing--PP polyhedral ball


1. PP plastic integral molding

2. With anti-chemical corrosion, flame retardant function

3. Factory wholesale direct sales

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