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PP anti-corrosion fan

PP anticorrosive centrifugal blower, bending strength is not less than 196 mpa, the surface of each part is smooth, without defects such as cracks, notches, burrs. The fan has reasonable aerodynamics, large volume, low noise, high efficiency, and corrosion resistance.
  • XC-05


  • 8481804090

PP anti-corrosion fan, the bending strength is not less than 196Mpa, the surface of each section is flat and smooth, no cracks, gaps, burrs and other defects, the overall effect is good, the fan is subjected to static balance test, according to the "balanced precision" rigid rotor, G6.3 level, The tip is 30mm away from the cylinder wall and the error is no more than 10mm. The fan has reasonable aerodynamics, large air volume, low noise, high efficiency and corrosion resistance.


1. The overall fan is made of PP plastic hot-melt seamless welding.

2. The PP anti-corrosion fan itself has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance and flame retardant.

3. High efficiency centrifugal impeller design, high working efficiency.

It is an environmental protection equipment manufacturer that has been focusing on the environmental protection industry for many years and specializing in the production and sales of environmental protection equipment and various accessories.

Working principle of PP fan

The working principle of the PP fan is that when the motor rotates to drive the fan impeller to rotate, the gas between the impeller blades also rotates, and the gas is thrown out under the action of centrifugal force. The gas flow rate increases, so that the gas converts kinetic energy into The static pressure energy, then as the fluid is pressurized, the static pressure energy is converted into velocity energy, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust port, and a certain negative pressure is formed in the middle of the impeller. Fill in immediately under the action of atmospheric pressure, and continuously discharge and fill in gas under the continuous rotation of the PP fan impeller, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous air blowing. Under the same power, the wind pressure and air volume of the PP fan are generally inversely proportional. Under the same power, the wind pressure is high, the air volume will be relatively low, and the wind pressure is high, the wind pressure will be reduced, so that the power efficiency of the motor can be fully utilized.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Fan
Specification Pump Wind velocity Wind resistance
XC-FJ-3 1.5KW 2000m³/h 1145Pa
XC-FJ-3.6 2.2KW 4000m³/h 1150Pa
XC-FJ-5.5 4.0KW 6000m³/h 1000Pa
XC-FJ-6 5.5KW 8000m³/h 1100Pa



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