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How to prevent air pollution? Tips on air pollution prevention and control

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Pollution source control: Pollution source is a fundamental measure to prevent and control air pollution hazards, and there are many ways to control it. Here is an introduction to its main methods.

1. Reasonable industrial layout to facilitate the diffusion of pollutants and mutual utilization of waste gas between factories to reduce waste gas emissions.

2. Implement regional centralized heating, replace scattered low chimney groups with high-efficiency boilers, and replace scattered low chimney discharge methods with high-efficiency boilers.

3. Change the fuel composition. Such as the development of urban industry and civil gas, liquefied petroleum gas, the use of low-sulfur fuels and new energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, etc.). It is necessary to promote coal mining to remove most of the sulfur (mainly pyrite sulfur) in the coal.

4. Reduce automobile exhaust emissions. The main thing is to change the combustion design of the engine and improve the combustion quality of the oil, and to strengthen the traffic management.

5. Toxic gases emitted by industrial installations should be controlled in terms of process reform and recycling.

6. Chimney dust removal: The control technology of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas is divided into two categories: dry method (using solid powder or particles as absorbent) and wet method (using liquid as absorbent). 2. Change fuel composition and develop new energy. It is necessary to gradually promote the use of natural gas, coal gas and liquefied petroleum gas, select low-sulfur fuels, desulfurize heavy oil and coal, and develop and utilize new energy such as solar energy, hydrogen fuel, and geothermal energy.

Exhaust gas scrubber system

Reform the production process and treat waste gas. The treatment of industrial air pollutants mainly focuses on dust removal and the control of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. 4. Set up large electric heating plants and heating stations for regional central heating, and implement regional central heating, especially setting up thermal power plants and heating stations in the suburbs. For northern cities with dense low chimneys and heating in winter, it is A very effective measure to eliminate smoke and dust.

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