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What kinds of exhaust gases are produced during the electroplating process? Waste gas treatment plan

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Production and harm of electroplating waste gas

1. In the electroplating production process, cyanide-containing waste gas, chromium-containing waste gas, dust-containing waste gas, etc. are generated, as well as acid mist that will be generated during the pickling process and the deplating process (nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid).

2. Electroplating exhaust gas is colorless and tasteless, causing long-term chronic damage to the respiratory tract. After gradual accumulation, the content exceeds the limit, which will cause bronchitis, bronchial asthma, lung cancer, liver cancer and other diseases. The hydrogen chloride and acid-base mist discharged from the electroplating process can cause irritation to the eyes and skin of the human body, and symptoms such as pink eye and dermatitis can occur. Electroplating waste gas not only affects the working environment and human health of the workshop, but also pollutes the surrounding environment. Therefore, these waste gases need to be treated.

Types and composition of electroplating waste gas

1. The types of electroplating waste gas mainly include hydrogen chloride, chromic acid mist, sulfuric acid mist, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen cyanide and fluoride. In addition, there are some dust-containing gas, organic waste gas, and alkaline waste gas.

2. Pickling: hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride and other gases and acid mist such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid; chemical degreasing: alkali mist such as sodium hydroxide; electroplating: chromium-containing waste gas from chromium plating, cyanide-containing waste gas from cyanide plating (a small amount), alkaline Alkali mist for electroplating, etc.

Electroplating waste gas treatment system and process

Electroplating waste gas treatment system and process Plating waste gas treatment considers operating costs and safety. The process route of this plan is to use chemical absorption as the core process to treat waste gas. The schematic diagram of the process equipment is as follows:

Exhaust gas scrubber equipment

The chromic acid mist exhaust gas volatilized from the chromium plating tank and the deplating tank is collected by the side suction cover provided in the electroplating production line. The acid mist in the tank is collected to the main air duct through the branch ducts, and then enters the filler wet scrubber It is neutralized and absorbed by the dilute lye, and the exhaust gas after reaching the standard is finally discharged through the exhaust chimney no less than 15m above the ground.

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