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What is the function of activated carbon adsorption purification box?

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What is the function of activated carbon adsorption purification box?

Activated carbon adsorption purification box, also known as activated carbon adsorption tower (activated carbon waste gas adsorption box), is a kind of dry waste gas treatment equipment. When the factory workshop is engaged in production operations, irritating pollutants and other harmful gases will be generated, causing air pollution hazards to the natural ecology and the factory environment.

The principle of activated carbon adsorption purification box is: activated carbon is a very fine carbon particle with a large surface area, and there are even finer pores in the carbon particles - capillaries. This kind of capillary has strong adsorption capacity, and because of the large surface area of carbon particles, it can fully contact with gas (impurities). When these gases (impurities) meet the capillary and are adsorbed, they play a role in purification.

Activated carbon adsorption box is an environmental protection device that filters and adsorbs organic waste gas. The activated carbon adsorption box can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, PPB and other materials. The invention has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, wide application range, convenient maintenance, and can handle various mixed waste gases. Activated carbon specifically has the functions of removing harmful gases such as benzene and TVOC, and disinfecting and deodorizing. Activated carbon adsorption towers are now widely used to treat organic waste gas such as electronic factory production, battery (battery pack) production, chemical industry, medicine, and food.

Application of activated carbon adsorption purification box

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Organic waste gas purification: It can be applied to adsorption and filtration of industrial organic waste gas, which can absorb ammonia, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene and other toxic and harmful chemical gases and can adjust the humidity of the room space.

Odor control: slaughterhouses, farms, and feed mills can use activated carbon adsorption filter equipment for unpleasant odor control.

Exhaust gas scrubber system: It can be applied to the wet scrubber + activated carbon adsorption equipment in the exhaust gas scrubber system, which can improve the purification efficiency of exhaust gas.

The reason why activated carbon adsorption purification box is very popular is because it has the following four characteristics:

1. High adsorption efficiency, can process a variety of mixed organic waste gas at the same time, and high purification efficiency.

2. Small footprint, easy maintenance, compact equipment structure, small footprint, easy maintenance and management, and low operating costs.

3. Strong adaptability, fully sealed indoor and outdoor use, wide application range.

4. Safety and environmental protection, automatic control operation, simple and safe operation.

Activated carbon adsorption purification box can adsorb and recover waste gas in organic solvents such as benzene, alcohol, ketone, plum, ester, gasoline, etc., and is more suitable for waste gas treatment with small air volume and high concentration. Therefore, it can be used in spraying, food processing, printed circuit boards, semiconductor manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, leather making, latex products, paper making and other industries.

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