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Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon adsorption device is mainly composed of activated carbon and a support layer, with well-developed pores, large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity.
Air Volume:
  • XC-2


  • 8421399002

Activated carbon adsorption device is mainly composed of activated carbon,supporting layer.It has developed voids, large specific surface area and high adsorption capacity.Dust gas powered by fan, positive pressure or negative pressure get into the tower body, due to the unbalance and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemistry bond on the surface of the activated carbon,when contact with gas the solid surface can attract a gas molecule to make them strong and keep them on the solid surface.Then the pollutants are absorbed and get into filter system.

Performance advantages
  • High adsorption efficiency and large adsorption capacity.

  • Convenient maintenance.

  • Simple and safe operation.

  • Activated carbon sources are cheap.

Introduction to activated carbon tower

 Table parameters

Activated carbon tower common specification size
   Air volume Type Specification/mm With activated     carbon Thickness Through area
1500-2500 2layers1side 1050*870*1000 100kg 10mm 0.64 (M2)
2500-3500 3layers1side 1150*870*1700 125kg 10mm 0.96(M2)
3500-5000 2layers1side 1550*870*1000 175kg 10mm 1.28 (M2)
5000-7000 3layers1side 1600*870*1700 275kg 10mm 1.92 (M2)
7000-10000 3layers1side 2150*870*1700 400kg 10mm 2.88 (M2)
10000-14000 3layers2side 1600*1730*1700 525kg 10mm 3.84(M2)
14000-18000 4layers2side 1800*1730*2000 700kg 10mm 5.12 (M2)
18000-22000 3layers2side 2150*1730*1700 775kg 10mm 5.76(M2)
22000-28000 3layers2side 2650*1730*700 1050kg 10mm 7.68(M2)
28000-35000 4layers2side 2900*1730*2000 1400kg 12mm 10.24(M2)
35000-45000 4layers2side 3500*1730*2400 1725kg 12mm 12.8(M2)
45000-55000 4layers2side 4000*1730*2400 2075KG 12mm 15.36(M2)
55000-6000 5layers2side 4000*1730*2900 2600kg 12mm


  Activated carbon commonly used specifications are: cylindrical, diameter 4mm.



Form Name

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