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What is polypropylene PP air duct?

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Polypropylene PP air ducts are also not called PP ventilation ducts. They are injection molded from polypropylene or processed through polypropylene sheets. They are generally divided into ordinary models and flame retardant models. Common colors are white, gray, and natural.

Polypropylene PP air duct: strong ventilation capacity; stable acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, prevent secondary chemical reaction between the medium in the pipe and the pipe body, and reduce the difficulty of purification treatment of industrial waste gas and waste liquid; PP air duct can be directly and flanged Connection, installation is simple, convenient and quick, greatly improving installation efficiency. PP plastic air ducts are used in the treatment of corrosive gases in workshops, and have good construction performance. The PP pipes are light, easy to install and replace, and the overall project cost is low.

Exhaust gas treatment system installation site

Introduction of polypropylene PP air duct material

Material: Polypropylene is abbreviated as PP, which is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance. PP (polypropylene) is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent performance, which is a colorless and translucent thermoplastic lightweight general-purpose plastic. It has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties and good high wear-resistant processing properties.

Advantages of polypropylene PP air duct:

  1. No rust: PP duct can withstand the corrosion of PH value in a wide temperature range and high concentration of acid and alkali ranging from 1 to 14.

  2. Wear resistance and no scaling: The inner wall of the PP pipe and its fittings is uniform and smooth, with low flow resistance and no scaling.

  3. Reduce vibration and noise: PP duct has very good sound insulation performance, which can significantly reduce vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.

  4. Anti-freeze cracking: PP material has excellent elasticity, so that the section of the pipe and pipe fittings can expand together with the frost heaving liquid without bursting.

  5. Anti-condensation, less heat loss: PP material is a poor thermal conductor, which can reduce condensation and reduce heat loss.

  6. Simple installation: PP pipe is light in weight, easy to install and operate, and has weldability.

  7. Long service life: PP duct system has a service life of 50 years under the specified conditions of use.

PP air duct system structure

To form a complete PP anti-corrosion pipeline system, in addition to PP ducts, it is not enough to have PP air duct accessories, which can be combined with the installation to form a complete anti-corrosion acid and alkali-resistant exhaust air pipeline system. PP elbow, PP tee, PP reducer, PP flange, PP casing, PP air valve, we collectively refer to the above products as PP duct exhaust system.

PP air duct installation method

  • PP air duct socket connection, that is, a PP sleeve is welded at the end of each air duct to facilitate the insertion of the next air duct;

  • PP air duct and air duct flange connection, that is, a PP flange is welded at both ends of each air duct, and the screw-to-lock connection is used during installation.

  • The strengthening method of PP air duct, in industrial exhaust, in most cases, the end centrifugal fan is used to exhaust air, and the negative pressure is formed in the PP air duct, and the industry design specification stipulates the required wall thickness of the PP air duct at a certain wind speed. And the strengthening method, usually the PP air duct is reinforced by the outer flange, such as a 3-meter-long air duct, which is reinforced with 2 flanges, which is beautiful and durable. The large square air duct is reinforced by the outer flange, and the internal PP circular pipe is used for structural support.

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