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Polypropylene PP flame-retardant duct

Polypropylene flame-retardant air duct is a new type of plastic air duct developed by adding a special flame retardant. After the high-temperature burning flame-retardant duct leaves the fire source, the burning flame will be automatically extinguished.
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Six properties of polypropylene flame-retardant ventilation pipe

1. Polypropylene flame-retardant duct has good hygienic performance.

The raw material of polypropylene flame-retardant ventilation pipe is polyolefin, and its molecule is composed of only C and H elements. The raw and auxiliary materials fully comply with sanitary standards, have good corrosion resistance, have no chemical effect on all ions in the water, and will not rust.

2. The pipe resistance of the polypropylene flame-retardant duct is low.

The wall in the straight pipe is smooth and will not scale. The frictional resistance of the lead path is smaller than that of the box tube, the cross-sectional area of the pipe fittings remains unchanged when the pipe is connected, and the local resistance coefficient is smaller than that of the metal tube.

3. The waste of polypropylene flame-retardant air ducts and pipe fittings can be recycled.

After being cleaned and crushed, the waste PP air pipe can be directly used for the production of pipes and fittings. In the process of production and construction, it does not pollute the environment and belongs to the edge-colored building materials.

4. Polypropylene flame-retardant duct heat preservation and energy saving.

The thermal conductivity of polypropylene flame-retardant air duct is 0.21 W/(m.K), which is only 1/200 of that of steel pipe. Generally speaking, when the hot water pipe needs to be insulated, the effect of preventing overflow and energy saving is obvious. The expansion force generated when the drop is changed is also small, which is suitable for direct burial and concealment applications on the surface of embedded walls and floor slabs.

5. The flame-retardant PP duct has good heat resistance and long service life.

The flame-retardant polypropylene duct has a high working temperature of 95°C, and a long-term use temperature of 70°C under a pressure of 1.0MPa, which meets the upper limit temperature of hot water supply. Under the working pressure of PN1.0MPa, the service life can reach more than 50 years; under normal temperature, the service life can reach more than 100 years.

6. The flame-retardant PP duct is easy to install and reliable in connection.

The pipe production process is simple, the equipment investment is small, and the weight is light, only 1/9 of the steel pipe and 1/10 of the purple steel pipe, which reduces the construction intensity of the workers. Because the pipe is processed and manufactured with word raw materials. It has a good hot-melt function, convenient and reliable installation, and the strength of the connection part is greater than that of the pipe.



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