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What is a hydrochloric acid scrubber system?

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Hydrochloric Acid Scrubbers Scrubber systems are pollution control machines that filter contaminants from air streams and products. When you implement an HCl fume scrubber system in your production line, the reactants neutralize the acid gas and reduce acid gas levels to acceptable levels that are no longer a threat to the environment. Hydrochloric acid fume scrubber systems withstand corrosive atmospheres with low pressure drop and are suitable for the following industries and applications:

  • landfill

  • biochemical

  • Food & Beverage

  • metal production

  • steel processing

  • Wastewater treatment

hcl fume scrubber

When polluted air enters a hydrochloric acid fume scrubber system, fine droplets of scrubbing fluid come into contact with the gas. The clean air is sent back to the environment, and the scrubbing liquid can be recycled and reused until a specific saturation point is reached.

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