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What is a gas fume scrubber?

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A gas fume scrubber is a device used to remove harmful gases, flue gas, and other air pollutants from the air. They are commonly used in industrial or scientific settings to remove by-products of industrial or scientific processes that may be harmful to humans or the environment. Many governments strictly control the amount of air pollutants that industry and scientific groups allow to be released into the atmosphere.

Flue gas scrubbers are a way to manage the release of harmful substances into the air and comply with government regulations. The gas released by the scrubber can be tested to determine if it is of sufficient purity that the flue gas scrubber can be used to remove some pollutants from industrial exhaust gases.

Air purification equipment

There are two commonly used gas fume scrubber:

Wet scrubbers use liquid scrubbing fluids to collect harmful particulate matter from gaseous industrial or scientific by-products. Harmful gases can be sprayed or forced through the liquid. When the particles come into contact with the liquid, they leave the air and stay in the liquid, which purifies the air. The cleaned gas is usually released through the stack, hopefully free of most pollutants that could harm humans or the environment. Dry flue gas scrubbers use little or no liquid in the scrubbing process.

Dry gas fume scrubber are designed to remove acid gases from the air. In dry scrubbers, a reactive adsorbent gas is added to the acid gas; this reacts with and neutralizes the harmful acid gas. In some cases, the solid salts formed by the process are easily removed; in other cases, it is necessary for the dry scrubber to include some mechanism to remove residual gas. In general, pure dry cleaning methods are not fully effective, so hybrid partial drying systems are often used to achieve higher purity.

In most cases, flue gas scrubbers are unable to convert harmful gases into a safer form, so waste disposal remains an issue. After the scrubbing process, waste often remains in liquid or solid form, and there are often many regulations. How to dispose of waste. In some rare cases, the product of flue gas scrubbing can actually be put to good use, but this is by no means the norm.

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