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Gas Fume Scrubber Filtration

We offer wet and dry scrubber systems capable of removing contaminants through gas absorption or mechanical contact. Applicable pollutants include inorganic chemical gases, acid gases, alkaline (alkali) fumes, particulates and odors such as dust.
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Why do you need Gas Fume Scrubber?

Fume scrubbers are required in chemical application scenarios where the resulting vapor fumes are hazardous to human health, tank or system integrity, and/or the environment. They are used in volatile chemical storage applications where smog is a federally regulated air pollutant. A common example of this is hydrochloric acid, HCl.

Most chemical storage scenarios require some form of tank system ventilation due to fumes generated during:

  • normal storage

  • Heating of chemical solutions

  • Product filling

  • Dispensing

  • Pipeline Fluid Flow

  • Mixing, stirring or other general stirring

wet scrubber for air pollution control

Basic ventilation for the Gas Fume Scrubber usually consists of a vent pipe of sufficient diameter to the general atmosphere. Basic exhaust may be suitable for inert, non-volatile chemicals, chemicals that produce non-toxic, non-corrosive or unregulated fumes, or for applications that do not produce fumes in excess of regulatory permit limits. For all other potential chemical situations, Gas Fume Scrubber may be suitable.



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