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What are the useful exhaust gas treatment equipment in the factory?

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Several types of equipment are used to treat factory exhaust, depending on the specific pollutants that need to be removed.

5 common types of fee processing equipment

1. Wet scrubber:

wet scrubber is a type of air pollution control device that uses a liquid (usually water) to remove pollutants from a gas stream. The gas stream is forced through a mist or spray of the liquid, which captures the pollutants and removes them from the gas .

scrubber system

Wet scrubbers are commonly used in industrial settings to control emissions from sources such as power plants, chemical manufacturing facilities, and refineries. They can be used to remove a variety of pollutants, including particulate matter, sulfur and anoxide, nitrogen org lat .

Wet scrubbers are typically designed with a chamber where the gas and liquid come into contact, allowing the pollutants to be absorbed or reacted with the liquid. The liquid is then collected and treated before being discharged. Some types of wet scrubbers may also use a bed of materials such as activated carbon or limestone to enhance pollutant removal.

2. Electrostatic precipitators:

Electrostatic precipitators use an electric field to remove particulate matter from exhaust gases. The particle becomes charged and is then attracted to the oppositely charged plate, where it is collected and can be removed. Electrostatic precipitators are commonly used to remove dust and ash from air streams.

3. Activated carbon filter:

Activated carbon filter is a device that uses activated carbon to absorb pollutants in exhaust gas. Activated carbon has a high surface area, allowing it to trap organic compounds and other pollutants. Activated carbon filters are commonly used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from air streams.

Gas adsorption equipment

4. Thermal Oxidizer:

A thermal oxidizer is a device that uses high temperature to oxidize pollutants in exhaust gas. The pollutants are converted to carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are then released into the atmosphere. Thermal oxidizers are commonly used to remove VOCs and other organic compounds from air streams.

5. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System:

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) uses a catalyst to convert nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen and water vapor. SCR systems typically use ammonia or urea as a reducing agent that reacts with NOx in the presence of a catalyst. SCR systems are commonly used to reduce NOx emissions in the exhaust of diesel engines and other combustion sources.

It is important to note that the choice of equipment will depend on the specific contaminants to be removed and airflow conditions. In the case of complex exhaust gas components, the exhaust gas can be treated in series by combining different exhaust gas treatment equipment, which can effectively improve the treatment efficiency and achieve the purpose of the best legal discharge. Before purchasing exhaust gas treatment equipment, it is recommended to communicate with merchants or engineers first, and calculate a reasonable procurement plan for exhaust gas treatment equipment based on the on-site exhaust gas composition, gas air volume and gas temperature.

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