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Small Wet Scrubber

The small spray tower is suitable for the purification treatment of a small amount of waste gas. The small spray tower integrates the tower body, water pump, packing, etc., and adopts the principle of acid-base neutralization to absorb the waste gas in the packing layer.
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Working principle of small wet scrubber

The small wet scrubber is mainly used to process a small amount of acid and alkali gases: such as hydrochloric acid HCL acid mist, H2S hydrogen sulfide, ammonia mist, alkali mist, etc. The whole system needs to be equipped with another fan. The first choice is to talk about the fan. The power of the small wet scrubber comes from the fan. In the acid and alkali resistant environment, it needs to be equipped with an acid and alkali resistant fan. The rear end of the wet scrubber is used for drafting. After the fan is turned on in this way, the inside of the small spray tower is in a negative pressure state, and the exhaust gas from the room or the exhaust gas discharged from a certain machine is pumped into the purification tower through the air duct, and the exhaust gas rises through the packing layer, the spray layer, and the removal of the exhaust gas. The mist layer is then blown into the chimney pipe by a fan for discharge.


Performance characteristics of small wet scrubbers

The small wet scrubber realizes the conversion of gas phase and liquid phase by means of packing and spray liquid, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying waste gas. The packing abandons the traditional multi-faceted hollow spheres, but designs a novel Terrary garland packing. In addition to the large specific surface area, the pressure loss is smaller than that of the traditional multi-faceted hollow sphere packing, and countless small droplets are formed in the small spray tower. When the gas rises in the tower, the contact area between the exhaust gas and the small droplets is enhanced, the flow rate of the exhaust gas is slowed down, and the contact time with the spray liquid is prolonged, which makes the chemical reaction more thorough.

The small wet scrubber has the following characteristics:

  1. Easy to install, only need to connect the air inlet and exhaust port;

  2. Compact design, small footprint;

  3. High degree of integration, integrated purification tower body, circulating pump, circulating water pipeline;

  4. Strong scalability, reserved dosing port, optional automatic dosing system;

  5. PP material, industrial grade plastic, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, long service life;

  6. Low noise operation, can be installed in indoor environment.

  7. Low energy consumption, the operating power of the body is between 90W-250W, energy saving and environmental protection.



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