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Waste gas treatment scrubber

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Introduction to the scrubber

The washing tower is also called the spray tower, which consists of four parts: tower body, trays, reboiler and condenser. The scrubber is a device for rough separation, so the number of trays is generally small, usually not more than ten stages. The scrubber is suitable for the separation of mixed gas containing a small amount of dust, the components will not react, and the product is easy to liquefy, and impurities such as dust are not easy to liquefy or solidify.

The scrubbing tower is produced on the basis of the gas purifier with a floating packing layer. It is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial waste gas purification and dust removal. It uses the contact between gas and liquid to transfer the pollutants in the gas to In the liquid, the clean gas is separated from the contaminated liquid to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. The waste gas passes through the packed scrubber and is treated by gas-liquid reverse absorption, that is, the liquid is sprayed down in the form of mist (or small droplets) from the top of the tower. The exhaust gas flows from the tower body (countercurrent flow) to achieve the purpose of gas-liquid contact. This treatment can cool the exhaust gas, condition the gas and remove particles, and then pass through the mist removal section before being discharged into the atmosphere.

Washing tower structure

Work flow chart of wet scrubber

Standard device:                                                                                     Optional device:

1. Washing tower spray system                                                               1. PH control device

2. Filling layer filler                                                                                 2. ORP control device

3. Moisture remover                                                                                3. Medicine storage tank

4. Inspection window, maintenance access hole                                      4. Drug level control device

5. Overflow, discharge and automatic replenishment of water outlet       5. Circulating water tank water level control device

6. Circulating water pump

7. Circulating water filter

8. Pressure gauge

working principle

The principle of the waste gas scrubber is mainly based on the composition of the odor by using strong acid (sulfuric acid), strong alkali (sodium hydroxide), and strong oxidizer (sodium hypochlorite) as the washing spray solution to contact the odor molecules in the gas to make the gas phase odor The components are transferred to the liquid phase, and the odorous substances are removed by the neutralization and oxidation reaction of chemical agents and odor components.

Performance characteristics

The commonly used washing equipment is a packed tower. The chemical absorption liquid is sprayed down from the top of the tower, the exhaust gas flows upward, and the odor is fully contacted and reacted with the absorption liquid to be removed. The flow ratio of the absorption liquid to the exhaust gas (liquid/gas ratio) is generally 1-3 L/m3, the height of the packing is generally 2-5 meters, and the flow velocity of the gas empty tower is generally 0.5-1 m/s. A well-operated packed tower can achieve a deodorizing effect of more than 90%.

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