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The working principle of the Venturi valve

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The Venturi air volume control valve has changed the air volume control mode, making the air volume control more stable and accurate, and the valve is independent of pressure. It can respond exceptionally quickly to pressure fluctuations in the air duct and ensure the stability of the air volume control. It is widely used in Places where precise control of air volume is required.

The Venturi air volume control valve is a high-precision, fast response and has nothing to do with pressure changes. It is an air volume control device driven by a short linear stroke electric actuator; it has a unique valve core assembly that is not affected by changes in static pressure in the air duct and is built-in precision stainless steel. The spring maintains a constant air volume by changing the valve core position when the pressure in the air duct changes. Its many characteristics give the laboratory control system a good performance in the fume cupboard and laboratory control.

Venturi damper

In the variable air volume system, the Venturi valve is not affected by the static pressure change in the air pipe. When the pressure in the air pipe changes, the valve core position is changed to maintain a constant air volume. After receiving a control command signal from the controller, it is quickly adjusted to the corresponding air volume. As long as the pressure of the air pipe is within the operating range of the variable air volume venturi valve, the venturi valve will accurately control the air volume. After adopting the Venturi valve solution, the designer can hardly consider the difference between the air duct system's nearest and most negative loop. The Venturi valve can quickly eliminate such unfavorable factors, and there is no air duct pressure balance during system commissioning. .After installation, as long as the corresponding input/output monitoring points are connected according to the wiring diagram, it can be used immediately, saving a lot of on-site debugging time.

The fume hood control system of the Venturi air volume control valve can well solve the problem of the system pipe network pressure change, and the Venturi valve can automatically adjust according to the pipe network pressure change. This process coincides with the pressure change of the pipe network, thus avoiding the adjustment of this process by the wind speed control system and realizing fast and stable air volume control.

Variable air volume fume hood exhaust air control is a typical application of the venturi valve. Fast and accurate exhaust air volume control can always keep the wind speed of the exhaust surface of the fume hood stable within the set range. The Venturi valve quickly determines the required exhaust air volume through the fume hood door position sensor and maintains the face wind speed when the fume hood is running. It can also connect the area occupancy detector, automatically switch the work/standby mode, and reduce the energy consumption of the fume hood. The Venturi valve can be connected to a fume hood touch screen operation display to achieve more display and operation functions.

venturi valve

The focus of laboratory construction is the ventilation system. The core of the ventilation system is airflow control. The precise and fast response air volume control valve has become the top priority: budget, safety, reliability, and operating costs. After the four elimination methods were screened, the airflow control of the Venturi valve became one of the few remaining items.

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