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The origin of the development of the new material polypropylene

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Polypropylene is a polymer formed by addition polymerization of propylene. It is a white waxy material with a transparent and light appearance. The chemical formula is (C3H6)n, the density is 0.89~0.91g/cm3, [1] It is flammable, with a melting point of 189℃, softening at around 155℃, and the use temperature range is -30~140℃ [2]. It is resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis, salt solutions and a variety of organic solvents below 80°C, and can be decomposed under high temperature and oxidation. Polypropylene is widely used in the production of clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical equipment, automobiles, bicycles, parts, pipelines, chemical containers, etc. It is also used in food and pharmaceutical packaging.


Polypropylene is abbreviated as PP, which is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid substance. Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent properties, and is a colorless and translucent thermoplastic lightweight general-purpose plastic. With chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties and good high wear-resistant processing performance, this has made polypropylene quickly used in machinery, automobiles, electronics, construction, textiles, packaging since its inception. , Agriculture, forestry, fishery, food industry and many other fields have been widely developed and applied.

With the rapid development of packaging, electronics, automobiles and other industries, the development of the polypropylene production industry has been greatly promoted. And because of its plasticity, polypropylene materials are gradually replacing wooden products, and high strength, toughness and high wear resistance have gradually replaced the mechanical functions of metals. In addition, polypropylene has good grafting and compounding functions, and has huge application space in concrete, textile, packaging, agriculture, forestry and fishery.

Polypropylene has become the most mainstream plastic material. Because of its good flame retardant, electrical insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and 100% recyclable characteristics, it is widely used in: polypropylene PP sheets, polypropylene packaging boxes, PP plastic tableware , PP plastic toys, polypropylene masks, PP wet scrubbers, polypropylene bar changing equipment.

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The future development direction of polypropylene (focus on high-rigidity injection molding and high-melt index fiber)

1. High-rigidity injection molding-Although my country has developed some special materials such as washing machines, there is still a big gap. my country should develop its own technical characteristics and form a series of products.

2. High melting index fiber-non-woven fabric has developed rapidly in recent years. With the increase of spinning speed and the thinner and thinner fiber, the demand for raw resin is further improved, and it has broad development prospects.

3. Film special materials-food packaging, printing and other fields have a wide range of needs. It is particularly important for the research and development of BOPP and CPP special materials, and the market prospect is broad.

4. PP copolymers, block copolymers, random copolymers are used in various fields, and high-performance raw materials have great market prospects.

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