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Polypropylene PP pickling tank

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PP pickling tank is a chemical storage equipment, widely used in laboratories, chemical plants, electroplating plants and other chemical storage. The PP pickling tank has high-strength corrosion resistance and compression resistance, and can be used to store highly corrosive chemicals.

Product name: PP pickling tank

Material: polypropylene sheet

Function: Filtration, cleaning or soaking of materials

Application areas: chemical industry, electronic technology

Basic structure: The plastic tank is welded by polypropylene plate, and the water sealing groove is set along the groove to make the whole structure compact and reasonable, and the PP material can resist the corrosion of strong reducing acids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, and has an anti-aging performance of more than five years. Acid-resistant granite is used in the tank as a protection plate to prevent the plastic tank body from being damaged by impact when the strip is running. The tank is sealed with a plastic water seal cover along the water seal, which can effectively prevent acid mist from escaping. Insulation layer (adapted to places with low temperature) is installed to prevent heat loss and reduce the amount of steam used. However, no slate is placed in the plastic tank of the stainless steel pickling line. Because the stainless steel pickling solution is extremely corrosive to acid-resistant stones, for this reason The acid tank is widened, and polymer plastic sliding rollers can be set on the bottom plate, which not only wears resistance but also effectively protects the impact of the strip on the bottom.

PP plastic electroplating tank-2

PP pickling tank features:

  1. Corrosion resistance and no leakage.

  2. Easy to install, maintain and replace.

  3. Long service life and good sealing performance.

  4. The use of polymer plastic sliding rollers can prevent the surface of the strip from being pulled during the pickling process.

Operating pressure: normal pressure

Operating temperature: PP -10℃~120℃, PVC -10℃~65℃

Applicable media: almost all inorganic media and most organic solvents. For details, please refer to the relevant polypropylene corrosion resistance information.

Light weight: Because the specific gravity (density) of polypropylene is only 0.91 to 0.93, which is the lighter material in resin, the equipment is very light, which is beneficial to the transportation, installation and maintenance of the equipment.

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