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Malaysia Biopharmaceutical Waste Gas Treatment Technology Solution

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Malaysia's biopharmaceutical waste gas treatment technology solution, the pharmaceutical waste gas is separately collected and then pumped to the PP packing scrubber and carbon fiber adsorber for treatment after being discharged by a fan.

Adopt 2 tandem operation processing to increase the effect. The liquid tank of the packing washing tower adopts manual water replenishment. When the washing liquid in the liquid tank is drained, tap water is turned on to replenish water. When the liquid level rises to the set height, the valve is closed.

Air purification equipment

Design Basis 

1. The relevant equipment parameters provided by the user.

2. The designed air volume is considered according to the fan parameters provided by the manufacturer with a 10% margin.

3. The design gas-liquid ratio is 500:1.

4. The process is rationalized, advanced, high processing efficiency, and small footprint.

5. The equipment has low energy consumption and low noise. There will be no secondary pollution during the production process.

6. The equipment is easy to operate, few management personnel, low labor intensity, and convenient maintenance.

7. The design and selection of waste gas treatment equipment are based on the nature, treatment volume and treatment requirements of the waste gas. Efforts to reduce or prevent the emission of waste gas pollutants, ensure compliance with emission standards, recover useful substances, and establish a harmless and clean production process are the purposes of governance. For this purpose, the governance process is redesigned and selected. The principle of equipment design and selection takes into account the technical indicators and economic indicators of the equipment. Strive to be technologically advanced and mature, and economically reasonable.

Introduction to purification principle

This set of waste gas treatment device uses 5%-10% sodium hydroxide solution as the absorption liquid. The absorption liquid is pumped into the top of the purification tower by a water pump, and falls back to the solution tank at the bottom of the tower via the water distributor and the packing layer. Repeatedly use this way until it is close to saturation absorption and then replace with new lye. The exhaust gas (neutral or acidic organic gas) volatilized during production is introduced into the air inlet section of the purification tower through the positive pressure of the outlet of the centrifugal fan. It reacts with liquid, and the gas and liquid are fully neutralized and absorbed. The gas after the first stage purification is adsorbed by carbon fiber through two liquid blocking devices. After the second stage purification, the gas is discharged into the atmosphere from the tower top chimney. For the system, refer to the process flow and Exhaust gas treatment system diagram.

The system adopts two-stage spraying device, the nozzle is YI type F fluoroplastic spiral non-clogging hollow nozzle, the packing adopts two layers of ф50 stepped ring, one layer of oblique corrugated packing, each layer is 500-600MM in height, and the air inlet is equipped with a porous equalizer. Board equalization device, with oblique corrugation and three-folded board water collection system before the wind.

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