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Introduction to Plastic Ducting

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Plastic Ducting, the plates, profiles and other main finished materials used in the production and installation of air ducts, should comply with the current national standards for design and related products, and apply the factory inspection certificate. Common Plastic Ducting is PVC material and PP material. Because of its good corrosion resistance, it can be used in various environments.

PP Plastic Ducting

The shape classification generally includes: circle, rectangle, spiral, etc.;

Application of Plastic Ducting

Plastic Ducting is mainly used in industrial and construction engineering. The application fields mainly involve: electronic industry dust-free workshop purification system, pharmaceutical and food aseptic workshop purification system, central air-conditioning system of hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and office buildings, industrial pollution control. Exhaust pipes for dust removal, smoke exhaust, oil absorption, etc., air supply pipes for industrial environment or post comfort, gas extraction and drainage systems for coal mines, and return air systems for coal mine environment control, etc.;

Plastic Ducting Construction

1. For more complex civil buildings, in the design stage, various types of work (heating, ventilation, water supply and drainage, power supply and lighting, and architectural majors) should first negotiate the space separation, and determine the elevation range of each pipeline. In general, you should not go beyond the limits set by yourself. Consult with other projects when individual pipe sections are out of bounds.
2. The principle of solving the collision and coordination of various ventilation pipes is generally: “Small pipes let big pipes, and there is pressure and no pressure”. For example, if a water pipe collides with an air pipe, the water pipe should bend. If the cold and hot water pipes collide with the sewer pipes, the cold and hot water pipes should be changed.
3. Before construction, the engineer in charge of the equipment should draw the pipelines and single lines of various types of work on a floor plan. Use one colored pen for each type of pipe. Synthesize the elevations at each intersection to see if there are any contradictions, find them in time, and solve the problem before installation.
4. In order to reduce investment, save space, and reduce floor height, some pipes without slope requirements can be laid through beams (such as water pipes, fire sprinkler pipes, etc.).

Features of Plastic Ducting:

PP air duct
1. No rust: PP duct can withstand the corrosion of PH value in a wide temperature range and high concentration of acid and alkali ranging from 1 to 14.
2. Wear resistance and no scaling: The inner wall of the PP duct and its fittings is uniform and smooth, with low flow resistance and no scaling.
3. Reduce vibration and noise: PP duct has very good sound insulation performance, which can significantly reduce vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.
4. Anti-freeze cracking: PP material has excellent elasticity, so that the section of the pipe and pipe fittings can expand together with the frost heaving liquid without bursting. 5. Anti-condensation, less heat loss: PP material is a poor thermal conductor, which can reduce condensation and reduce heat loss.
5. Simple installation: PP duct is light in weight, easy to install and operate, and has weldability.

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