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Polypropylene Ductwork

Polypropylene Ductwork, also known as polypropylene plastic air duct, plastic ventilation duct. PP air ducts are usually used for the exhaust of corrosive exhaust gas in the environment of industrial plants, the exhaust of fume hoods in the laboratory, and the exhaust of VOC organic exhaust gas.
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How polypropylene duct works

Polypropylene air duct is used in industrial exhaust air such as acid, alkali and organic waste gas. By installing induced draft fan at the end, the polluted waste gas in the environment is drawn to the outdoor through PP anti-corrosion fan. PP air ducts are usually divided into positive pressure air supply or negative pressure air extraction, and the inner wall is smooth and the resistance is small.

Performance characteristics of polypropylene ductwork

  • No rust: The polypropylene ductwork can withstand the corrosion of PH value in a wide temperature range, and the high concentration of acid and alkali in the range of 1 to 14.

  • Wear-resistant and non-scaling: The inner wall of polypropylene air ducts and fittings is uniform and smooth, with low flow resistance and no scaling.

  • Reduced vibration and noise: polypropylene ductwork has excellent sound insulation properties, which can significantly reduce vibration and noise caused by liquid flow.

  • Anti-freeze cracking: The material used in polypropylene ductwork has excellent elasticity, so that the sections of pipes and pipe fittings can expand together with the frost heaving liquid without bursting.

  • Anti-condensation and less heat loss: The material used in the polypropylene duct is a poor thermal conductor, which can reduce condensation and reduce heat loss.

  • Simple installation: Polypropylene air ducts are lightweight, easy to install and operate, and are weldable.

  • Long service life: Polypropylene air duct has a lifespan of 50 years under the specified temperature, pressure, medium and other operating conditions.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance: resistant to corrosion by most chemicals, and can withstand high concentrations of acids and alkalis with a pH range of 1-14 in a wide range.

  • Good hygienic performance: The molecular structure of polypropylene air duct material only has carbon and hydrogen elements, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and has reliable hygienic performance.

  • Heat-resistance, heat-insulation and energy-saving: The maximum operating temperature of polypropylene air duct is about 70 degrees, and the thermal conductivity of this product is only 1200 of that of steel pipe, so it has better heat preservation performance.

Polypropylene ductwork system structure

In order to form a complete PP anti-corrosion pipeline system, in addition to PP air ducts, it is not enough to have polypropylene air duct accessories, which can be combined with the installation to form a complete anti-corrosion acid and alkali-resistant exhaust air pipeline system.

  • Polypropylene elbow

  • Polypropylene tee

  • Polypropylene reducer

  • Polypropylene flange

  • Polypropylene Sleeve

  • Polypropylene damper

PP duct and pipe fittings

We collectively refer to the above products as Polypropylene Ductwork exhaust system



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