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Instructions for use of industrial blowers

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Instructions for use of industrial blowers

  1. Please check whether the installation foundation is good, whether the wire connection is correct, whether the electrical system meets the specifications, and ensure the normal operation of the fan.

  2. The relative humidity of the fan is ≤100%, the temperature of the glass fiber reinforced plastic fan is -20℃~60℃, the temperature of the plastic fan is 0℃~50℃, and the dust content of gas particles is ≤150mg/m³.

  3. The inlet of the fan should be equipped with a protective net to prevent the fan from flying out and hurting people after sucking in a hard object; a steel safety net must be installed when installing the roof fan to prevent the motor from falling off and causing an accident. Note that the fan cannot be installed horizontally or upside down.

  4. Please make sure that the fan is running in the correct direction and must not be reversed, otherwise the motor will burn out.

  5. The normal exhaust medium of the fan is dry and clean air. For fans working in an environment with oily fume, dust and acid-base accumulation gas, please clean the fan blades regularly. Do not strike the fan blades by gravity during cleaning, and make sure that the fan blades are not any residual paint, dust and acid-base crystals will prevent the fan from being unbalanced and causing the fan to vibrate.

  6. The power supply must be cut off before disassembling and disassembling the maintenance cargo of the fan to avoid accidents.

  7. When the fan has a serious failure (severe vibration/spindle and blade deformation/bearing damage), non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble the fan to avoid danger.


Anti-corrosion blower

Regular maintenance instructions

Oil lubrication:

Please replace 30#, 40# engine oil or No. 3 lithium base grease after the fan has been used for 90 days, and then add engine oil as appropriate. When adding engine oil, do not exceed half of the oil mirror.


Fan blade cleaning:

1. The fan blade is easy to deposit grease, dust and other attachments, pay attention to cleaning the inside of the casing and the debris drawn by the fan blade

2. For fans working in an environment with oily fume, dust and acid-base accumulation gas, clean it out every 15-30 days.

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