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Industrial waste gas treatment system design process

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Most industrial manufacturing companies now install environmental protection equipment, and they are more concerned about whether they can meet the standards after installation. There are three points to achieve the standards:

  1. Does the manufacturer have this technical strength?

  2. Is the product selection correct?

  3. Is there any experience in waste gas treatment engineering, or do not understand industrial waste gas treatment system design.


Industrial waste gas treatment system design process

1. Waste gas collection

The first is to collect exhaust gas. In the workshop where the exhaust gas is generated, a hood is installed directly above it. It is usually made of galvanized sheet or stainless steel. Because it is used to collect exhaust gas, it is called an air collecting hood. However, some workshop exhaust gas There are many generating points and cannot be collected effectively. In this case, all the gas in the entire workshop can be pumped out for processing.

2. Selection of waste gas treatment equipment

After the exhaust gas is collected, it passes through the pipeline, passes through the exhaust gas treatment equipment, and then is the choice of equipment. For different exhaust gas, and the desired effect is different, the equipment selected is different, and the industrial waste gas treatment is mostly pretreated by spray packing towers., Why use a spray-packed tower because the general exhaust gas has a little dust or the temperature is a bit high. After the spray-packed tower is pretreated, this can better improve the purification efficiency of the subsequent equipment. Of course, if there is more dust, you must use a cartridge dust collector or a bag filter to remove the dust. The spray packing tower is only suitable for a small amount of dust.

scrubber system for chemical plant

After the purification equipment, the fan is finally the fan. The function of the fan is to provide power for the purification system so that the exhaust gas is discharged through the exhaust cylinder after being processed by the purification equipment.

3. Determination of exhaust gas treatment air volume

The exhaust gas treatment air volume is determined, such as a gas collecting hood, which is calculated at 2000 air volume per square meter. If it is an unorganized discharge, the exhaust gas cannot be collected. Only the gas in the entire workshop can be extracted so that the entire workshop is calculated. According to the exhaust gas concentration and treatment effect, choose different air exchange times. Some choose 6-8 times, some choose 20-30 times, and some choose 100-150 times. For example, the workshop volume is 1,000 cubic meters. Note that it is cubic instead of square, that is, the length * width * height of the workshop, and the number of air changes is 8, so the processing volume per hour is 8,000 air volume.

packed tower scrubber

Of course, some have already installed a ventilation system, and need to install a purification device on the ventilation system, so that you can choose according to the air volume of the fan, to ensure that the air volume of the purification equipment is greater than the air volume of the fan.

After the air volume is determined, different purification equipment is selected according to different waste gas, so that the design of the entire industrial waste gas treatment system is uniform. Xicheng Ep Ltd Protection has 12 years of rich experience in design, research and development, and waste gas treatment plan planning. In China Xicheng Environmental Protection Company, we have provided professional exhaust gas purification solutions for more than 20,000 manufacturing companies. Wet scrubber equipment has been exported to Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, Canada and other countries.

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