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How to prevent air pollution in the city?

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Reduce excessive emissions

1. Reform the energy structure and adopt pollution-free (such as solar, wind, and water power) and pollution-free (such as natural gas, biogas, alcohol) energy.

2. Promote (such as fuel desulfurization, coal liquefaction, gasification) to reduce atmospheric substances produced by combustion.

3. Improve combustion equipment and combustion technology (such as reforming stoves, using combustion furnaces, etc.) to increase combustion efficiency and reduce combustion emissions.

4. Use non-polluting or low-pollution industrial production processes (such as not using and using less polluting raw materials, using closed loop processes, etc.).

5. Save energy and support comprehensive utilization of resources.

6. Strengthen corporate management to reduce accidental emissions and escapes.

7. Clean up and clean up industrial, domestic and construction waste residues in time to reduce ground dust.

Major concentration of ecological emissions

After the above-mentioned measures are taken in the combustion process and industrial production process, there are still ways to control the emission concentration and the ability to discharge carbon dioxide beyond the environment. have:

① Use various dust collectors to remove dust and industrial supplies.

②Using exhaust gas scrubbers to absorb toxic gases (using absorption towers to treat toxic gases (absorption, etc., to absorb sulfur dioxide in emissions; alkali absorption to treat nitrogen oxides).

③Apply other physical (such as condensation), chemical (such as conversion), chemical (such as molecular sieves, active particles, membrane separation) and other methods to recover fine substances in chemical substances (or no harmful gas residues).

Finished drawing of plastic gas scrubber

Carry out plant purification

Plants have the function of plants, circulate the climate, intercept the beautiful environment, absorb the serious vision in the atmosphere, and can continue to purify the atmosphere for a long time and in a large area. Especially when the earth's influence in the atmosphere is wide and the concentration is relatively low, plant purification is an effective method.

Utilize the self-purification ability of the environment

The self-purification of the atmospheric environment has physical, chemical (diffusion, universe, reduction, reduction, etc.) and biological effects. Weather conditions are related, the ability to understand and master meteorological changes, and make full use of atmospheric self-purification capabilities can avoid atmospheric concentration and avoid or reduce atmospheric thermal pollution hazards. For example, dynamic air and atmospheric changes in different regions and different altitudes. Broadcasting is a kind of preaching, which can reasonably determine the speed of smoke bombs, so that the weather spread by smoke can spread rapidly in the atmosphere.

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