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How to determine the size of the exhaust gas scrubber?

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The size of the exhaust gas scrubber has a great influence on its performance, so it is necessary to fully understand the actual air volume, type, concentration, etc. of the actual project to accurately determine it.

01. Diameter

The diameter of the waste gas scrubber determines the empty tower with the gas velocity in the tower. If the diameter of the spray tower is too small, the speed of the shower flow in the tower is very fast, and the contact time between the exhaust gas and the suction liquid will be too short, and it will be left outside the tower before it is fully purified.

02. Height

The height of the exhaust gas scrubber determines the time in the scrubber. Both the spray layer and the spray layer need a certain height to ensure that they can fully react with the absorbing liquid to achieve a perfect state.

Scrubber manufacturing process

If the height of the exhaust gas scrubber is too low, the spray layer and waterproof layer will inevitably be very thin, which may also be absorbed in a large amount, and will be discharged into the atmosphere if it cannot be fully absorbed.

03. Thickness

The thickness of the exhaust gas scrubber directly affects the structural strength of the equipment. The thickness is too thin, the pressure primary treatment equipment is strong, the life is short, and the bottom circulating water tank will control the high temperature after storing a large amount of circulating fluid, and long-term use may cause desoldering and cracking.

In addition, the thickness of the PP waste gas scrubber is too thin, and the internal reinforcement support design is unreasonable. It may be sucked and collapsed when working under negative pressure, and may be blown and cracked when used under positive pressure.

The thickness of the scrubber is too large, which will cause increased expenditure and increase the budget of the processing equipment to a certain extent.

04. Water tank size

The size of the water tank inside the scrubber determines the circulating water capacity of the exhaust gas scrubber. If the size of the water tank is too small, the scale of the water tank becomes smaller, and the equipment will be atomized during the treatment of the shower tower, which reduces the need for circulating water. The maintenance workload of using the enterprise camp is directly native.

05. Water pump

The pump parameters of the exhaust gas scrubber affect whether the circulating water is sprayed evenly. If the output power of the pump is too low, the circulating water is too low, which will cause uneven spraying, the filter layer cannot be fully wetted, and it feels that the absorption and purification cannot be fully utilized.

06. Inlet and outlet size

The inlet and outlet dimensions of the exhaust gas scrubber should be matched with the piping system of the enterprise that uses it, so that the installation work is simple and easy, and the scrubber can better transform the tower equipment. Difficulty in feeding and maintenance.

07. Window size

The window size of the nozzle tower is relatively large for maintenance and maintenance work. If the pipe is too small, the nozzle set of the maintenance personnel is restricted to be small before they can enter the tower for cleaning and maintenance work. The strength of the tower body will have a certain impact.

After determining the diameter, height, thickness and other dimensions of the exhaust gas scrubber according to the air volume of the exhaust gas, the spray size is usually locally optimized according to the type and concentration of the wet scrubber to absorb the true purification performance of the entire exhaust gas scrubber. It is simple and convenient to achieve good maintenance.

The design of exhaust gas treatment equipment needs to be completed by a professional design team. Exhaust gas treatment agencies generally inspect the actual site, the type of exhaust gas to be processed, and the amount of exhaust gas emissions, etc., and finally determine the size and design of the scrubber. Xicheng Environmental Protection recommends that the purchase of waste gas treatment equipment must choose a formal organization.

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