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How to calculate industrial waste gas emissions

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Actual measurement method

when the exhaust gas emission has an actual measurement value, Q= q*B/b/10000, where: Q——the annual exhaust gas emission, ten thousand standard m3/y; q——the hourly exhaust gas emission , Standard m3/h; B——annual fuel consumption (or clinker output), kg/y; b——fuel consumption (or clinker output) per hour under normal operating conditions, kg/h.

Coefficient inference algorithm

1.Calculation of theoretical air requirement (V0)

a. For solid fuels (represented by Vy based on fuel application)

When Vy>15% (bituminous coal), V0=0.251 ×QL/1000+0.278[m3(standard)/kg]

When Vy<15% (lean coal or anthracite), V0=QL/4140+0.606[m3(standard)/kg]

When QL<12546kJ/kg (low-quality coal), V0=QL//4140+0.455[m3(standard)/kg)

b. For liquid fuels

V0=0.203 ×QL/1000+2[m3(standard)/kg]

c. For gas fuel

When QL<10455 kJ/(standard) m3, V0= 0.209 × QL/1000[m3/ m3]

When QL>14637 kJ/(standard) m3, V0=0.260 × QL/1000-0.25[m3/ m3]


V0—Theoretical air volume required for fuel combustion, m3(standard)/kg or m3/m3;

QL—Low calorific value based on fuel application, kJ/kg or kJ/(standard) m3.

Comparison table of QL value of each fuel type (unit: kJ/kg or kJ/standard meter 3)

Fuel type QL

Stone coal and gangue 8374

Anthracite                     22051

Bituminous                   17585

Diesel                           46057

Natural gas                  35590

Carbon monoxide        12636

Lignite                          11514

Lean coal                      18841

Heavy oil                       41870

Gas                               16748

Hydrogen                     10798

2.Calculation of actual flue gas volume

a. For anthracite, bituminous coal and lean coal: Qy=1.04 ×QL/4187+0.77+1.0161(α-1) V0[m3/kg]

When QL<12546kJ/kg (low-quality coal): Qy=1.04 ×QL/4187+0.54+1.0161(α-1) V0[m3/kg]

b. For liquid fuel: Qy=1.11 ×QL/4187+(α-1) V0[m3/kg]

c. For gas fuel

When QL<10468 kJ/(standard) m3: Qy=0.725 ×QL/4187+1.0+(α-1) V0(m3/m3)

When QL>10468 kJ/(standard) m3: Qy=1.14 ×QL/4187-0.25+(α-1) V0(m3/m3)

In the formula: Qy——the actual amount of flue gas, m3(standard)/kg;

α——Excess air coefficient, α = α0+Δα

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