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How does the organic waste gas scrubber work?

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Organic waste gas scrubber is also called: spray tower, packing tower, waste gas adsorption tower, acid-base scrubber, water spray tower, its function is that the working principle of waste gas washing tower is to absorb a certain solvent soluble in flue gas. and scrubbing, a process in which certain components in the flue gas are absorbed into the solvent by heat and mass transfer. For example, by washing the ammonia-containing gas in the flue gas, the ammonia gas in the flue gas can be removed. The acid gas in the flue gas can be removed by washing the flue gas containing acid gas with lye. The principle of spray washing and acid mist scrubber is the same, that is, the solvent reacts with the gas phase through spraying. The acid mist washing is a process in which the dilute acid liquid is pressurized to form a mist in the tower to achieve full contact with the gas phase.

The waste gas scrubber is composed of a tower body, a tray, a reboiler and a condenser. It is improved on the basis of the floating packing layer gas purifier, and is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial waste gas purification, dust removal, etc., and the purification effect is very good. The washing tower is also a device for rough separation, so the number of trays is generally small, usually no more than ten stages. The scrubber is suitable for the separation of mixed gas containing a small amount of dust, the components will not react, and the product should be easily liquefied, and impurities such as dust (also called high boilers) are not easy to liquefy or solidify. 

When the mixed gas is passed into the washing tower from the middle of the washing tower, due to the presence of product component liquid between the trays, the product component gas is liquefied and evaporated at the same time, and the impurities cannot be liquefied or solidified. It will be fixed by the product component liquid to produce washing effect, and the washing tower is designed and manufactured according to this principle.

Working principle: The basic principle of the industrial waste gas treatment scrubber is to use the contact between the gas and the liquid to transfer the pollutants in the gas to the liquid, and use PP as the main material to produce the packing spray absorption tower, and the packing is made of PP material Pall ring Or hollow spheres, according to the principle that the gas absorption process is carried out on the gas-liquid two-phase interface, and the transfer rate is proportional to the interface area, the filler is used to increase the contact area of the two phases, so that the two phases are fully dispersed, and then the clean gas is mixed with The polluted liquid is separated to achieve the purpose of clean air.

The exhaust gas scrubbing tower generally adopts gas-liquid countercurrent operation. The fan unit of the scrubbing tower system sucks the collected exhaust gas into the scrubbing tower, and flows through the packing layer (the medium for gas/liquid contact reaction), so that the exhaust gas and the drug flowing on the surface of the packing flow. The liquid (washing liquid) is fully contacted to adsorb the acidic or alkaline dirt contained in the exhaust gas. After washing, the waste liquid is collected in the sump and then discharged to the waste water system for treatment. The material of the washing tower cylinder is mainly made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and polyvinyl chloride (PP), and can also be made of polypropylene (PVDF), polyethylene (PE) and stainless steel. 

Standard equipment of vertical scrubber: window and maintenance manhole, air inlet flange, outlet flange, washing liquid inlet, overflow outlet, filling layer, defogging layer, circulating water pump, circulating water filter, circulating water It consists of water pipeline, spray device, accessories and control instruments.

The exhaust gas is pressed into the uniform pressure chamber of the purification tower by the fan, firstly enters the bubbling section for bubbling treatment, and then passes through the multi-stage packing, spraying, and spraying treatment, so that the gas-liquid two phases are fully reversed and the neutralization absorption reaction occurs, and then flows upward. To the packing layer, it contacts and reacts with the spray liquid. According to various indicators such as gas purification, a third-stage packing and spray device can be added, and then enter the deliquor for deliquoring treatment and then discharge into the atmosphere. The treated gas meet national emission standards.

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