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H2s scrubbers production material and function introduction

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H2S SCRUBBERS can also be called scrubbing towers, water scrubbing towers, exhaust gas purification towers, scrubbing towers, acid mist towers, it is a commonly used dust removal equipment in gas-liquid reaction purification systems. The gas has the effects of purification, dust removal, cooling, etc., and is now widely used in the treatment of industrial acid and alkali waste gas.

H2S Scrubber Systems

What are the main materials of H2s scrubbers?

  1. PP material

PP material, scientific name is polypropylene, is a non-toxic, odorless, low density, high strength, high toughness, heat resistance is better than low pressure polyethylene raw materials, can be used at about 80 ℃. It has good dielectric properties, insulation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and some raw materials can resist UV and fire and flame.

  1. FRP raw materials

FRP raw material, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent insulation, and its high temperature resistance performance is slightly better than that of PP raw material. But the cost will be much higher than the PP raw material H2s scrubbers equipment.

  1. PVDF

PVDF raw material, scientific name is polyvinylidene fluoride, among fluoroplastics, it has the strongest resistance, low friction coefficient, strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, etc., and its high temperature resistance is slightly better Compared with FRP, its construction cost will be higher than that of FRP.

  1. Stainless steel/carbon steel

Before PP materials were discovered to be used in H2S scrubbers, stainless steel and carbon steel were the main raw materials of H2s scrubbers at that time. They were strong and durable, but the cost was high, but their acid and alkali corrosion resistance was not good, so Most of the H2s scrubbers raw materials on the market are now replaced by PP raw materials.

How do H2s scrubbers work?

When the soot-containing gas with a certain intake velocity enters the scrubbers body through the air duct, the water spray impacts the water layer and changes the direction of movement of the gas, while the dust particles continue to move in the direction of the source due to inertia, and most of the dust particles After adhering to the water, it stops in the water. After impacting the water bath, some dust particles move with the gas, combine with the impacting water mist and circulating spray water, and further fully mix in the main body. The dust particles are captured by the water, and the dust and water are centrifuged or filtered off. Due to gravity, they flow into the circulation tank through the tower wall, and the purified gas is discharged outside. The wastewater is recycled in the circulation tank after dosing treatment. transport.

Advantages of H2s scrubbers:

  • The process is simple, the cost is low, the operating cost is low, and the installation is convenient;

  • Stable performance, high dust removal efficiency and good desulfurization effect;

  • Long service life, easy maintenance, simple operation and management, no special technical requirements;

  • Strong adaptability, especially suitable for water-soluble dusty gas;

  • Wide selection of models, suitable for various air volumes and industries;

  • No need for dusty gas.

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