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H2S Scrubber Systems

Hydrogen sulfide H2s scrubbers are widely used in chemicals, chemical preparations, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, metallurgy, light industry, food, new energy, electroplating, pickling, petroleum, machinery, electric power and other industries. It has the advantages of high efficiency, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, low noise, low power consumption, small size, convenient disassembly and maintenance, lightweight and durable, and beautiful appearance.
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What Is Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)?

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas that’s a by-product of industrial operations and naturally occurs in crude oil. Hydrogen sulfide can also be generated through oil-refining processes.

The gas is extremely toxic, carries corrosive properties and often generates a foul odor. H2S can also directly interact with steel to create iron sulfide corrosion, which damages pipework. Hydrogen sulfide needs to be efficiently filtered out as it is a threat to mechanical surfaces and industrial systems. A hydrogen sulfide scrubber system is a great option for this.

Acid smoke neutralization tower

What is an H2S Gas Scrubber?

A hydrogen sulfide scavenger system targets traces of H2S within gas streams and removes harmful odors, a process also commonly referred to as “gas sweetening.” These wet scrubbers from MACH Engineering provide successful H2S treatment in industrial operations and municipal waste treatments.

Our hydrogen sulfide scrubber systems cater to the following industries:

With a hydrogen sulfide scrubber, you can remove harmful gases below PEL levels. Produces a wide range of hydrogen sulfide scrubbers that capture and process the gas to neutralize it before releasing it into the atmosphere. Scrubbers are often referred to as odor control scrubbers or smoke scrubbers. This is because other types of gases, such as methane or other chemicals, are often present in the gas stream, and these gases are also treated and neutralized.

Did you know that a hydrogen sulfide scrubber consists of a vertical column or two columns in series? Hazardous H2S gas enters from the bottom of the vertical column, which contains water, often with neutralizing chemicals such as chlorine or caustic. These towers are usually made of fiberglass because of its ability to withstand corrosive conditions. However, carbon steel and stainless steel can be used with special coatings on high temperature scrubbers.

  1. Chemical and food processing

  2. Petrochemical

  3. Pharmaceuticals

  4. Plating/metal finishing

  5. Odor control

  6. Water and wastewater

  7. Ethanol production plants

  8. Refineries

  9. Pulp and paper

Advantages of the H2S Scrubber System

Xicheng EP LTD's hydrogen sulfide scavengers are a cost-effective alternative to conventional gas desulfurization systems. Facilities see the following benefits from our hydrogen scrubbers:

  1. Reduce hydrogen sulfide content

  2. Reduce corrosion to equipment

  3. Easy removal of reaction products

  4. Fewer equipment replacements

  5. improved air quality

  6. Control nasty odors



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