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Engineering painting waste gas purification treatment

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How to choose various types of organic waste gas treatment methods with different characteristics for spray paint treatment. Commonly used are water method, adsorption, an adsorption method, combustion generation, catalysis, and interception.

Engineering spray paint sewage purification treatment

1. Objective absorption method

Physical penetration and chemical penetration can be separated, but the three "exhaust gas chemical treatment, spray paint treatment generally does not use chemical absorption. Cooling and reuse analysis absorption method. The spray paint exhaust gas treatment method can be used for exhaust gas, low temperature, low. Installation. It is complicated, the investment is large, the choice of absorption liquid is more difficult, and the two are polluted.

2. Traffic aggregation method

After the exhaust gas is directly condensed or condensed and condensed, the gas jet treatment is carried out by separating and recovering valuable organic matter but the condensate. Used for high concentration, the method, the investment processing wind is small. Without special requirements, this method is generally not used.

3. Method of spraying paint to treat water

Water mist technology extensive air pollution exhaust gas treatment, paint spray exhaust gas treatment has been applied in the purification process of automobile exhaust gas, such as wet scrubber. The water resources, spray paint, and filter are simply treated and deposited at the same time and can be reused, reducing the waste of resources. The water spray has high efficiency in the treatment of very large particles and is usually used for the premise of bad treatment.

PP wet scrubber internal water spray system

Engineering process description of spray paint treatment equipment:

During the process of paint spray exhaust gas formation, the mist will atomize particulate matter and organic matter in the range of three under the action of air pressure. The concentration is large, and the distance is less than 10μm. If the object, it will quickly block the micropores of the activated carbon and make the activated carbon ineffective. After the spray paint is cleaned by the water curtain lock, the cleaning performance of the paint mist suppression system truly enters the paint mist filter produced by our company. The paint mist filter is filled with our company's special bomb paint mist filter material, which can remove more than 95% of the Lacquer, the purified smoke and dust enter the surface of the earth through microbial ignited substances, and the organic gas is magically tucked away in the bed. The magic is reflected in the large flow of low-concentration microorganisms, generally particulate matter, with a specific surface area of up to 50011,000 m2 /g. The ground clean air is discharged high above the air through the external exhaust duct.

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