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Activated carbon adsorption tower design parameters

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Activated carbon adsorption tower - calculation book activated carbon adsorption tower

1. Design air volume: Q=20000m3/h=5.56m3/s.

2. Parameter design requirements:

①Pipeline wind speed: V1=10~20m/s,

②The superficial gas velocity is the velocity of the gas passing through the entire cross-section of the adsorber. Empty tower wind speed: V2=0.8~1.2m/s,

③Filtering wind speed: V3=0.2~0.6m/s,

④Filter residence time: T1=0.2~2s,

⑤ Thickness of carbon layer: h=0.2~0.5m,

⑥Carbon layer spacing: 0.3~0.5m.

Gas adsorption equipment

Activated carbon particle properties:

Average diameter dp=0.003m, apparent density ρs=670kg/, bulk density ρB=470 kg/

Porosity 0.5~0.75, take 0.75

3. Design requirements

(1) The diameter d of the pipeline is taken as 0.8m, then the cross-sectional area of the pipeline is A1=0.50m2

Then the pipeline velocity V1=5.56÷0.50=11.12m/s, which meets the design requirements.

(2) Take the carbon body width B=2.2m, tower body height H=2.5m,

Then the wind speed of the empty tower is V2=5.56÷2.2÷2.5=1.01m/s, which meets the design requirements.

(3) The length L1 of the carbon layer is 4.3m, and there are 2 layers of carbon body,

Then the filtering wind speed V3=5.56÷2.2÷4.3÷2÷0.75=0.392m/s, which meets the design requirements.

(4) The thickness of the carbon layer is taken as 0.35m, and the distance between the carbon layers is taken as 0.5m,

Then the filtration residence time T1=0.35÷0.392=0.89s, which meets the design requirements.

(5) The distance between the inlet and outlet of the tower body and the carbon layer is 0.1m, then the length of the main body of the tower body is L’=4.3+0.2=4.5m

The length of the neck at both ends L”===0.73m

Then the length of the tower body L=4.5+0.73×2=5.96m

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