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Activated carbon adsorption system

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The industrial odor adsorption system mainly adopts activated carbon adsorption and deodorization device, which is a dry waste gas treatment equipment. It is composed of a box body and an adsorption unit. It can be separated from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification, and can effectively absorb odor gases, VOCs and other waste gases.

The working principle of activated carbon adsorption system

Activated carbon adsorption system can also be called activated carbon adsorption tower, activated carbon adsorption device, activated carbon waste gas treatment equipment, activated carbon filter, activated carbon equipment. Activated carbon adsorption equipment is often used in: various organic waste gas treatment, especially paint waste gas treatment, ink waste gas, solder waste gas, plastic waste gas treatment and other applications are the most widely used.

Due to the existence of unbalanced and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemical bond force on the solid surface, when the solid surface is in contact with the gas, the gas molecules can be attracted, concentrated and kept on the solid surface. This phenomenon is called adsorption. Using the adsorption capacity of the solid surface, the exhaust gas is brought into contact with the porous solid material on the large surface, and the pollutants in the exhaust gas are adsorbed on the solid surface to separate it from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of purification. After the exhaust gas is removed by the air filter to remove the tiny suspended particles, it enters the top of the adsorption tank. After being adsorbed by the activated carbon in the tank, the harmful components are removed, and the purified gas that meets the emission standard is discharged to the outside through the blower.

The structure of activated carbon adsorption system:

①. The activated carbon adsorption unit is installed in a layered drawer in the equipment box, which can be easily taken out from the inspection doors on both sides.

②. The inspection door is easy to open and tightly sealed. Can be opened and removed individually.

③. The base frame is made of channel steel. Sturdy base frame can guarantee equipment installation and transportation requirements.

④. The inlet (outlet) air port is a flange type interface, which can be connected to the air duct. Size, position and direction can be arranged according to actual requirements. For example, the top or side of the cabinet.

⑤. Dust-containing organic waste gas must be pretreated before entering the activated carbon adsorber to be purified and discharged up to the standard.

⑥. The activated carbon adsorption equipment can choose different materials according to different waste gas properties: the main body can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, PP sheet, etc.


  1. Reliable equipment structure, low investment, low operating cost and maintenance

  2. The equipment has low operating resistance and high purification efficiency

  3. Using activated carbon as filter material, it can be recycled and reused

  4. Not limited by gas composition, it can process a variety of mixed waste gas at the same time

  5. According to the gas concentration, the filter layer can be added, and the configuration is flexible

  6. Granular activated carbon and honeycomb activated carbon can be selected

  7. Exhaust activated carbon adsorption device

When the organic waste gas is powered by a fan, positive pressure or negative pressure enters the tower body, due to the existence of unbalanced and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemical bond force on the solid surface of activated carbon, when the solid surface is in contact with the gas, it can attract The gas molecules are concentrated and kept on the solid surface, and the pollutants and gases are thus adsorbed. After the exhaust gas passes through the activated carbon adsorption tower, it enters the equipment dust removal system, and the purified gas is discharged up to the standard.

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