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Acid mist waste gas treatment plan

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Exhaust gas pollution is a difficult problem encountered by the current atmospheric environmental protection. With the development of industry and economy, more and more exhaust gas is discharged, and the problem of air pollution is becoming more and more serious. On the other hand, due to different production processes and raw materials, the components and concentrations of exhaust gases emitted by various industries are also different, and some exhaust gases are also acidic and relatively humid, which is what we often call acid mist. So, what is the acid mist exhaust gas treatment plan?

Enterprises will volatilize a certain amount of acid and alkali waste gas in the production process. The main pollutant components of acid and alkali waste gas are nitric acid mist, hydrogen chloride, sulfuric acid mist, cyanide, chromic acid mist, alkali mist, etc.; acid and alkali waste gas is generally flammable. It is explosive, toxic and harmful, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, and difficult to handle. The acid-base neutralization method is widely used in the domestic acid mist waste gas treatment method. The main sources are chemical, petroleum, paint, insulating materials, textiles, casting, iron printing, painting, furniture, leather, footwear, glass, building materials, etc.

The discharge of acid mist will cause acid mist and acid gas in the air of the workplace to diffuse, and after being discharged into the atmosphere, it will cause acid deposition in the atmospheric environment. It not only endangers the health of workers and residents around the plant, corrodes plant equipment and precision instruments, and causes losses in production and life, but also adversely affects the survival of crops and other animals and plants, causing damage to buildings, cultural relics, etc. damage, etc.

Acid mist exhaust gas treatment scheme The working principle of acid mist exhaust gas purification tower: acid mist exhaust gas from pickling tank is collected by the air collecting hood under the gravitational force of the fan, and then enters the acid mist exhaust gas treatment tower through the pipeline. The liquid is circulated and absorbed through the packing layer from bottom to top; the liquid is evenly sprayed in the packing layer through spray distribution, and flows down along the surface of the packing layer into the circulating water tank. The alkali gas is captured by the water, and the acid mist is separated by centrifugation or filtration. Due to gravity, it flows into the circulation tank through the tower wall. After purification, the gas can be fully discharged up to the standard. The waste water is recycled in the circulation tank after dosing treatment. clean up.

Execution standard: After the acid mist exhaust gas has been treated, it has reached the second period standard of the Guangdong Provincial Local Standard DB44/27-2001 "Air Pollutant Emission Limits". Apply ISO14000 international general standard. Acid and its compound concentration emission: ≤35mg/m3

Acid mist waste gas treatment plan How to deal with acid mist waste gas?

Compared with general waste gas treatment solutions, acid mist waste gas is mostly treated by adsorption method, absorption method and filtration method. Among them, the adsorption method and the absorption method are more commonly used.

Absorption method: The main principle is to fully contact gas and liquid, neutralize acid and alkali, so as to achieve the purpose of purification and achieve discharge standards. This method is simple to operate and requires little investment. However, it consumes a lot of energy and water, has high operating costs, and has the hidden danger of secondary pollution.

Commonly used equipment: mainly include waste gas purification scrubbers, acid mist wet scrubbers, acid and alkali waste gas treatment equipment, pickling waste gas treatment equipment, acid mist waste gas treatment equipment, etc.

Exhaust gas treatment equipment

Adsorption method: The main principle is to use the adsorption properties of the adsorbent to adsorb and separate harmful components such as acidic substances in the acid mist exhaust gas to achieve the purpose of purification.

The adsorption method is widely used in the current exhaust gas purification, the operation is simple, and it has a good purification efficiency for removing the nitrogen oxides generated with the nitric acid mist, and does not produce secondary pollution. However, due to the limited adsorption capacity of the adsorbent, the equipment is huge and the process is intermittent operation. Therefore, the adsorption method is only suitable for purifying the exhaust gas with low concentration of acid mist.

Activated carbon tower usage scenarios

Commonly used equipment: main activated carbon adsorber, exhaust gas adsorber, acid mist adsorber, etc. Commonly used adsorbents are activated carbon, molecular sieve, silica gel, ammonia-containing slime, etc.

For the treatment of acid mist waste gas generated by different industries, there must be a targeted acid mist waste gas treatment plan. Blind selection may not only fail to achieve the purpose of purifying waste gas, but may also increase the cost of the enterprise. Place. When choosing waste gas treatment equipment, business owners should adopt reasonable waste gas solutions under the advice of environmental protection engineers according to their own actual conditions, and purchase regular and suitable waste gas purification equipment to better handle waste gas.

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