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Acid gas control equipment: acid gas scrubber

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The acid gas scrubber is also called a wet scrubber, and the PP wet scrubber is a new type of industrial waste gas treatment equipment. It is produced on the basis of the available clean-layer industrial purifier. It has a wide range of industrial waste gas treatment, heat and other pre-treatments. The purification effect is very good. It is an ultra-common and ultra-practical treatment in the current acid-base waste gas treatment. equipment.

With the new technology of material production, the exhaust gas scrubbers produced by our company are mainly divided into two categories: hydraulic towers and rotary towers. Electric towers are widely used in rehabilitation. When the slingshot is crazy, the swirling tower can be used. The PP wet scrubber has the characteristics of simple structure, low rose and high purification. It can effectively remove saliva gas (HCl), fluorinated gas (HF), ammonia (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4), chromic acid mist (CrO3) , Bone acid cartilage (CrO3) HCN), alkali salt (H2S), graphite hydrogen gas (H2S), formalin (HCHO) and other bubbles. The two-phase liquid is fully contacted to absorb and react. After the acid mist is demisted, the mist is purified, and the atomization plate is extracted and atomized and discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. The absorption liquid is pressurized by a water pump at the bottom of the tower and sprayed down in the tower, and then circulated to the tower after being purified and recycled. The acid bottom mist reaches the discharge standard.

The PP wet scrubber includes a tower body, a packing layer, a defogging layer, a circulating sprinkler pipe, and a circulating water tank.

The wet scrubber body includes exhaust gas inlets, outlets, windows, maintenance inlets and the structure of the tower internal support and fixing structure to ensure the body's tolerance of the acid gas scrubber and increase its service life.

Principle and structure of acid gas scrubber

The role of acid gas scrubber is to absorb impurities in the gas with a solvent, which can be used in various industries that require gas scrubbing. The waste gas produces liquid removal and enters the reaction, and fully contacts with the scrubbing liquid in the tower, which can remove impurities and achieve the function of purifying gas. Including body, filling layer, mist layer, circulating sprinkler pipe, and circulating water tank, etc.

Features: PP wet scrubber has low noise, stable operation, simple operation and convenient; it is used in the electroplating industry and the acid-alkali battery produced by Wuduo surface treatment for neutralization. It uses high-quality PP board, and the air volume can be adjusted randomly.

Application field

Factories and enterprises mainly used for industrial production: electronics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, LCD manufacturing, iron and steel metal industry, electroplating and metal surface treatment industry, pickling process, dye/pharmaceutical/chemical industry, deodorization/ Neutralization of chlorine, destruction of SOx/NOx of combustion exhaust gas, and destruction of air pollution. Because the PP wet scrubber has low cost and high purification efficiency, and it is used by most manufacturers, it has become the most important air pollution control equipment.

Product Pictures-wet scrubber

Scrubber body

The overall structure of the scrubber needs to cooperate with a professional technical design team to carry out product design specifications based on actual site inspections. The size of the scrubber depends on the air volume of the exhaust gas to be treated. The air volume of the exhaust gas to be processed is large. It is necessary to increase the number of filling layers and the height of the tower. The highest wet scrubber our company has produced is a wet scrubber with a diameter of 3.8 meters and a height of 14 meters. Scrubber.

Filling layer

∮75 Raschig ring is used as the packing material of the scrubber, and its material is PP.

∮75 PP Raschig ring has the characteristics of large range, low pressure loss, and low material transfer height. Compared with its filling materials, ∮75 PP Raschig ring has a larger cycle processing efficiency and lower operating costs. .

Defogging layer

Using ∮50 PP hollow ball as the demister material is PP

Circulating sprinkler pipe

Distributed PP water pipe + high-efficiency nozzle, the main function is to send circulating water to the sprinkler system. It uses a modelling style. The image is not easy to be clogged, the spray angle is large, and each time it presents uniform characteristics, so that the washing effect tower can be Play an effective processing role. •

Circulating water tank

The circulating water tank is in phase with the washing tower body. The capacity of the water tank is 2-3 minutes of circulating water. The inside of the water tank is equipped with a float-type liquid level control, and the washing water inlet overflow and connection water outlet are obtained.

Performance characteristics of acid gas scrubber:

(1) Performance: The PP wet scrubber is particularly stable to water, and the physical rate of water absorption in the water for 14 hours reaches 0.01%. The molecular weight is between 80,000 and 150,000, and the moldability is good.

(2) Performance: PP wet scrubber has high crystallinity, regular structure and excellent mechanical properties. Its strength, elasticity and elasticity are higher than that of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is characterized by bending flexibility (7×) 10^7) times closed folding and bending without damage.

(3) Thermal performance PP wet scrubber has good heat resistance, melting point is 64~17℃, and the product can be heated at 10℃ above 10℃. It will not become brittle at 150°C without being affected by external force. When it is changed to -35℃, embrittlement will occur at -35℃, and the heat resistance is not as good as PE.

(4) Chemical stability: The PP wet scrubber has good chemical stability. In addition to the strong chemical stability and thick oil extraction, various chemical reagents are relatively stable. Other but capable methanol and petroleum hydrocarbons Therefore, PP is suitable for the production of Russian-Chinese chemical pipelines and fittings with low-hydrocarbon and anti-corrosion effect.

(5) Electrical performance: PP wet scrubber has excellent high-frequency insulation performance, because it hardly absorbs, so the insulation performance is not affected by water, there is a possible dielectric coefficient, and as the temperature rises, it can be thermally processed electrical insulation Products, breakdown voltage is also available, suitable for electrical accessories, etc.

(6) Weather resistance: The PP wet scrubber is very sensitive to nickel. Adding zinc thiopropionate dilaurin, carbon black-like milky white seal, etc. can improve the aging resistance.

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