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Acid-base waste gas treatment wet scrubber

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The wet scrubber runs countercurrently with gas and liquid. The exhausted waste gas enters the tower body from the bottom inlet of the tower, passes through the packing layer from bottom to top, and is then discharged from the outlet of the tower top pipeline through the anti-corrosion fan. The neutralizing material passes through the liquid distributor at the top of the tower and is evenly sprayed into the packing layer. It moves downwards along the surface of the packing layer to the bottom of the tower, and is discharged out of the tower by the pipeline, and is circulated by the anti-corrosion circulating pump. As the ascending exhaust gas and descending absorbent are in constant contact in the packing layer, the concentration of solute in the ascending airflow is getting lower and lower, and when it reaches the top of the tower, it has reached the absorption requirements and is discharged out of the tower. On the contrary, the concentration of the medium in the descending liquid is getting higher and higher, and the process conditions are met when it reaches the bottom of the tower, and it is discharged outside the tower.

1. Tower body

The tower body is made of anti-corrosion PP, stainless steel, and PRP, which is resistant to aging and has good appearance.

Acid and alkali waste gas treatment

2. Sprinkler system

The spray system is composed of pipeline (road) spray frame and nozzle. The pipeline (path) and the spray frame are welded by forming PVC pipes, and the nozzle adopts a multi-layer spiral type non-clogging nozzle, and the material is PVC or PP. The nozzle is designed and produced according to the standards of the German Enhanced Plastics Association (AVK). It has the characteristics of large flow, uniform spraying, large spraying area, and non-clogging.

3. Packing

The packing in the tower can provide a large enough surface area to promote full contact of the gas phase: a larger specific surface area; a higher mass transfer rate; good moisturizing performance and conducive to the uniform distribution of gas and liquid; better porosity, Gas-liquid passing capacity and airflow resistance are small; high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and not easy to break.

4. Addition of medicament

Agent name: alkali absorption tower with dilute sulfuric acid, acid absorption tower with sodium hydroxide

Use ratio

A. Check and fill up the neutralizing absorbent before use.

B. After calculating the water volume in the circulation box, add dilute sulfuric acid to the alkali absorption tower, add sodium hydroxide to the acid absorption tower, and use a circulating solution with a concentration of 3%-6%. Note that the mixing tank should be mixed before adding. Note that if the circulating fluid has crystallized, please discharge and replace it in time.

5. Features of wet scrubber for acid-base waste gas treatment

  • The process is simple, and the management, operation and maintenance are quite convenient and concise, and will not cause any impact on the production of the workshop.

  • The pressure drop is low, the operation flexibility is large, and it has good defogging performance.

  • The purification treatment effect is good, and the removal rate can be as high as 95% or more.

6. Acid-base waste gas treatment process

The specific process of acid and alkali waste gas treatment: the removed acid mist waste gas → enter the air duct → pass the acid-base wet scrubber purification treatment → fan → air duct → discharge up to standard.

7. Scope of application of acid-base wet scrubber

Acid-base waste gas treatment wet scrubbers are widely used in the purification treatment of acid and alkaline waste gas discharged from the production process of chemical, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile (chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

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