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12 types of air emission treatment equipment

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During the industrial production of products, as long as there is waste gas, environmental protection equipment must be installed. Otherwise, if the EIA fails to meet the standards, it will face fines. Serious and refusal to make corrections may also face the risk of suspension of production and business.

Common 12 kinds of air emission treatment equipment

1.The fume purifier is a fume exhaust gas treatment device. Mainly used for purification and treatment of low-altitude kitchen fume emission.

2.Wet high-voltage electrostatic dust removal equipment is an environmental protection equipment for waste gas and dust. It is a dust removal device that uses electricity to separate dust ions in the gas. It has the characteristics of stable performance and good dust removal effect.

3.Catalytic combustion equipment is a kind of air purification equipment for processing industrial waste gas. It can be used for solvent purification of waste gas, and is characterized by flameless combustion, relatively low combustion control temperature, and low external heating energy consumption.

4.The wet scrubber, also known as the water washing tower, is a gas-liquid generating device. The exhaust gas is fully contacted with the liquid, and the solubility or chemical reaction of the exhaust gas in water is used to reduce the concentration of the exhaust gas by adding medicine.

5.The swirl scrubber is a purification device with two layers of spray, one layer of spray and two layers of swirl blades in the design of the filter device. The purification device of three layers of swirl blades is mainly used in the treatment of dust and waste gas. .

6.Pneumatic swirl tower is based on the principle of technical power technology and is embedded with "pneumatic mixed-flow waste gas purification" on the basis of ordinary spray paint water curtain cabinet. It is a dry type for viscous dust, oily dust industrial waste gas treatment, and fiber dust. A warm environmental protection waste gas purification equipment developed for the working conditions that the dust removal equipment cannot handle.

7.The filter cartridge dust collector is a dust collector composed of a dust removal filter cartridge as a filter element or using pulse injection. It has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency and easy maintenance, so it is widely used, especially for the treatment of welding fume, and a special welding fume dust collector has been formed.

8.The core function of the plasma purifier is to generate plasma, and use the characteristics of the plasma itself to remove dust, sterilize and detoxify the waste gas.

9.The photocatalytic purifier can not only eliminate germs, but also quickly and deeply degrade volatile organic compounds. The dust removal rate is over 95%, and the purification efficiency is much higher than the national standard.

10.The activated carbon adsorption device is a dry waste gas treatment equipment, which is composed of a box and an adsorption unit. It is installed in a pipeline. It mainly adsorbs organic waste gas molecules through activated carbon, and separates it from the gas mixture to achieve the purpose of processing waste gas.

11.Photocatalytic plasma integrated machine is a combination of UV photocatalytic equipment and plasma exhaust gas purifier. It is a cost-effective exhaust gas treatment equipment for treating odor and purifying exhaust gas. It can purify a variety of exhaust gases.

12.The photocatalytic activated carbon integrated machine is a combination of UV photocatalytic equipment and activated carbon adsorption box. It is an environmental protection device that can effectively deal with toxic and harmful gases. It can not only catalyze the odor of photo-oxygen, but also make good use of activated carbon. adsorption.

Select safe and reliable waste gas treatment environmental protection equipment according to the properties of waste gas (viscosity, temperature, humidity, pressure, flammability, toxicity, stability, gas type, etc.). To choose the appropriate waste gas treatment equipment, it is best to communicate with the relevant equipment suppliers and inspect the waste gas treatment environmental protection equipment. The supplier will provide suitable environmental protection solutions according to the actual situation.

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