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wet scrubber air pollution control device

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Air pollution control equipment refers to a series of control equipment used to deal with air pollution and improve the environment, including dust removal equipment, gaseous pollutant control equipment, air collection hoods and piping systems.

Background introduction

Air pollution control is a pollutant emission control technology and pollutant emission control policy adopted to pay for air pollutants. The special gas pollutants emitted by various industries can be easily solved by changing the production process or even closing or relocating factories. At present, the main air pollutants are the soot, carbon dioxide and sulfide produced by burning fossil fuels, as well as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emitted from automobile exhaust.

The control of industrial air pollutants is the main thing, but the air pollution caused by domestic fuels is common, especially the coal-burning pollution used for heating in every household is difficult to deal with, and only centralized heating and changing coal-burning can be used. To reduce pollutant emissions by means of gas, central heating requires a large investment and must be based on economic development.

Wet scrubber

The commonly used air pollution control equipment for industrial waste gas is a wet scrubber. The wet scrubber waste gas treatment equipment increases the moisture content in a specific container, changes the airflow direction, reduces the airflow speed, and allows it to fully mix with the dust-containing gas, so that the specific gravity of the dust increases and adheres, and the water dust is separated from the air A dust removal device. Our company is committed to the research and development of organic waste gas treatment, malodorous gas, acid and alkaline gas and other waste gas treatment processes. The exhaust gas treatment equipment produced by our company is mainly to remove the toxic and harmful substances and smoke in the exhaust gas from industrial production to make it meet the emission standards after treatment and reduce air pollution. Wet scrubber air pollution control equipment is divided into single tower body and double tower body. It adopts a circular tower body and is connected in sections by flanges. Specifically, it consists of a liquid storage tank, a tower body, an air inlet section, a spray layer, a packing layer, a swirling defogging layer, an air outlet cone cap, and an inspection hole.

Packing layer inside plastic scrubber

Working principle

When a certain amount of dusty gas enters through the air inlet pipe, it impacts the water layer and changes the direction of the gas movement, while the dust particles continue to move in the original direction due to inertia, and most of the dust particles stay in the water after adhering to the water. After impacting the water mist, a part of the dust particles move with the gas and combine with the impact water pipe and the circulating spray water to fully mix in the main body. At this time, the dust particles in the dust-containing gas are captured by the water, and the dust water It is separated by centrifugation or filtration, and flows into the circulation pool through the tower wall due to gravity, and the purified gas is discharged outside. The wastewater is recycled in the circulating tank after dosing treatment, and the sediment is regularly cleaned and transported out.

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