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Xicheng Pickling tank product introduction

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The pickling tank is a storage device for storing chemical solutions in the pickling industry. Pickling is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities such as stains, rust or scale from copper, alloys and other metals. Kimchi liquid is an acidic solution used to remove impurities from the surface. Metals may contain impurities that may affect product quality or further processing such as electroplating or painting.

Pickling is the most preferred method for removing rust and grinding from structural shapes, beams and sheets in a shop, while keeping dismantling costs budget friendly. When the pickling process is done impeccably, this method produces a surface with long paint life under a variety of coats.

There are six main pickling methods, which include:

  • Sulfuric or hydrochloric acid pickling

  • Phosphoric acid pickling

  • Sulfuric acid-sodium dichromate pickling

  • Alkaline pickling

  • Foot pickling

  • Electrochemical treatment

These are some of the most popular pickling methods, and their use depends on the nature of the rust and scale to be removed, the materials used to manufacture the item, the desired pickling surface, and the cost and availability of pickling materials and equipment.

Pickling tank

A pick tank is a tank used in an acid-containing metal finishing process where the metal is immersed in pickling acid to remove oxides/rust from the product being treated.

How is the pickling tank designed?

  1. It has good welded joints making it leak proof.

  2. It has good abrasion resistance.

  3. It is made of steel pipe reinforcement.

What is the size of the pickling tank?

Small tanks have a capacity of several hundred liters, while large tanks have a capacity of more than 20,000 liters. These tanks are built to the size of the metal objects that will be handled in the tanks.

What makes Corotec one of the leading and reliable manufacturers of pre- and post-treatment tanks for galvanizing plants?

The main features of the tanks we manufacture are 

  1. Manufactured using homo- or co-polypropylene or fiber resin plastics.

  2. 100% leak proof welding.

  3. Bottom corner of tank has 900C FOLD bend

  4. 100% pure polypropylene sheet production.

  5. Excellent design.

  6. Lifting arrangements.

  7. My water tank can be customized for you.

Pickling tanks Production

The benefits of placing the pickling tank in the galvanizing plant:

  1. All pickling tanks are completely maintenance free.

  2. All tanks are easy to service and retrofit.

  3. All tanks have a good life and have more strength in the corners.

  4. They are also rust, corrosion and chemical resistant.

The benefits our storage tanks offer our customers 

  1. increase productivity

  2. low production cost

  3. better surface quality

  4. preservative

The highly reliable pretreatment tank consists of pickling tanks and other tanks. Consider that you may have process tanks, skim tanks, rinse and de-fluxers, and pickling tanks. They are known for their sturdy construction and modular design. You can get a comprehensive solution for pickling tanks with proper structure and special coating.

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